Internet of Things vs Machine to Machine – IOT vs M2M

Technology advancement is occuring at a rapid pace and so does technology innovation. “M2M” and “IOT” are 2 innovation terms which are common discussion points of technical innovation community. Notable is that M2M may be called predecessor of IOT. Let’s understand the terms in more detail.

M2M concept refers to two or more machines can communicate with each other and carry out certain functions without human intervention. Some degree of intelligence can be observed in M2M model. IOT refers is an ecosystem of connected devices (via Internet) where the devices have ability to collect and transfer data over a network automatically without human intervention. IOT helps objects to interact with internal and/or external environment which in turn control the decision making.

M2M solutions contain a linear communication channel between various machines that enables them to form a work cycle. It’s more of a cause and effect relation where one action triggers the other machinery into activity. Conversely, in case of IOT multiple devices communicate with each other through sensors and digital connectivity

While M2M is commonly associated with isolated solutions like a solution of Wi-Fi thermostats, a vehicle location system or a home automation, IOT works by stretching its boundaries and integrating multiple disparate systems into outputs beneficial for Business goals.

Another key differentiator being that M2M’s key focus is on direct point-to-point connectivity across mobile networks or fixed line while IoT communication involves IP networks and will usually employ cloud or middleware platforms

When we consider scalability of M2M and IOT, clearly IOT wins the race since it works on Cloud based architecture and as we know Cloud can expand substantially.Also, IOT makes use of Open APIs for communication across distinct systems while M2M mostly has limited or no open APIs.

Comparison between M2M and IOT is detailed in below table –

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