VRRP is abbreviation for “Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol” and is an open standard flavour of FHRP redundancy protocol.The protocol is described in Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) publication RFC 5798. VRRP enables hosts on a LAN to make use of redundant routing platforms on that LAN without requiring more than the static configuration of a single default route on the hosts. The VRRP routing platforms share the IP address corresponding to the default route configured on the hosts. At any time, one of the VRRP routing platforms is the Owner (active) and the others acts as Backup.

Below are key configuration rules for VRRP while being used a FHRP in LAN environment –

  • The interfaces of all routers in a VRID must be in the same IP subnet.
  • The IP addresses associated with the VRID must already be configured on the router that will be the Owner.
  • An IP address associated with the VRID must be on only one router.
  • The Hello interval must be set to the same value on the Owner and Backup routers for the VRID.
  • The dead interval must be set to the same value on the Owner and Backup routers for the VRID.
  • The track priority on a router must be lower than the router VRRP priority. Also, the track priority on the Owner must be higher than the track priority on the Backup routers.

Below is scenario where VRRP is required to be configured on LAN side of 2 Brocade Routers ie R1 and R2 –


Owner of IPv4 VRRP configuration (Brocade Router R1)-
R1(config)#router vrrp
R1(config)#interface ethernet 1/1
R1(config-if-1/1)#ip vrrp vrid 1
R1(config-if-1/1-vrid-1)#version v3|v2

Backup of IPv4 VRRP configuration (Brocade Router R2)-
R2(config)#router vrrp
R2(config)#interface ethernet 1/1
R2(config-if-1/1)#ip vrrp vrid 1
R2(config-if-1/1-vrid-1)#version v3|v2
R2(config-if-1/1-vrid-1)#hello-interval 10
R2(config-if-1/1-vrid-1)#advertise backup


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