Netflow V5 vs V9

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netflow v5 vs

Netflow v5 vs v9

With today’s network professionals needing deeper forensic details such as mac address, VLAN, etc., it is even easier to understand that the NetFlow protocol needed to evolve. As NetFlow matured, the need for a dynamic flow technology capable of exporting anything began to become more evident

Netflow V5 vs V9

This document explains what you get with NetFlow v5 and the enhancements brought about with NetFlow v9 which is the basis for the proposed standard called IPFIX.  For several reasons explained below, NetFlow v9 is the export of choice. The biggest reason is templates and the ability to work with them makes for the best NetFlow solutions.


Netflow v 5 vs v9

Below table illustrates the major differences between Netflow v5 and v9 :




Information Captured·Source/Dest. Port

·Packet counts

·Byte counts

·Flow duration

·I/O interfaces


Includes Netflow 5 captures and below additional –

·Numerous tcp flags/counters

·Flow direction

·Fragmentation flags

·ICMP and IGMP info

·Header stats


·DSCP/TOS info

·Dest. Routing info

Data Structure formatFixedDynamic
TemplatesHard coded – format of what can be exported is hard coded.Definable templates – Definable templates give hardware vendors and sometimes the end users the ability to decide what they want to export
Filed TypeFollowing major field types amongst others not present –

·Packet Section


·Fragmentation Flag

·TCP Flag: SYN

Following major field types amongst others are present –

·Packet Section


·Fragmentation Flag

·TCP Flag: SYN

Multicast, IPsec and MPLS supportNo enhancements to support Multicast, IPsec and MPLS technologies.It was an enhancement to support different technologies such as Multi-cast, IPsec, and Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)
Cisco IOS support11.1 and above12.4 and above
Egress Flow exportNot availableAvailable

Download the comparison table here.


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