Best Free VPNs: Ensuring Safety and Anonymity Online

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Maintaining online privacy and security are increasingly vital in today’s fast-paced digital landscape, and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have emerged as powerful tools to protect personal information while browsing anonymously online. 

In this blog post, we will dive deep into the world of free VPNs; their safety, benefits, and drawbacks as well as an exhaustive list of Windows user’s best free VPNs will all be covered in depth here. Our team will guide you in choosing one suitable to meet your individual needs.

Are Free VPNs Safe?

Before diving into the list of the best free VPNs for Windows, it’s crucial to address a burning question: Are free VPNs safe to use? While free VPNs can offer convenient access to restricted content and enhanced privacy, they often come with certain risks. 


Many free VPN providers monetize their services by collecting user data and selling it to third parties. This compromises the very privacy users seek to protect. Additionally, free VPNs might not offer robust encryption or reliable server networks, potentially leaving your data vulnerable to cyber threats.

List of The Best 100% Free VPNs for Windows

Company Pricing Number of Connections Features
Planet Free VPN Free Unlimited Wide server range, user-friendly interface
Proton VPN Free / Premium Plans 1-10 Enhanced anonymity, strong encryption Free / Premium Plans 1-10 Leak protection, user-friendly interface
Windscribe Free / Premium Plans Unlimited Unlimited device connections, strong security
VPN Unlimited Free / Premium Plans 1-10 Lifetime protection, extensive server network
CyberGhost Free / Premium Plans 1-7 User-friendly interface, streaming support
Hotspot Shield Free / Premium Plans 5 Streaming support, smooth access
PrivadoVPN Free Free 1 No data logging, advanced encryption
Atlas VPN Free Free 1-3 Generous free plan, user-friendly interface

1. Planet Free VPN

Planet Free VPN has gained popularity for its user-friendly interface and reliable security features. With a wide range of server locations, it offers seamless access to geo-restricted content. However, its bandwidth limitations might hinder heavy internet usage.

Key Review Metrics Table:

Feature Rating (Out of 5)
Security 5
Server Network 4.8
User Interface 4.9
Speed 5
Bandwidth Limitations 4.5

2. Proton VPN: Best for Enhanced Anonymity

Proton VPN is known for its strong commitment to user privacy. With end-to-end encryption and a strict no-logs policy, it offers enhanced anonymity. However, its free version has limitations on server locations and available features.

Key Review Metrics Table:

Feature Rating (Out of 5)
Security 4.8
Server Network 3.7
User Interface 4.0
Speed 4.2
Privacy Policy 4.9

3. Best for Leak Protection boasts advanced security features, including protection against IP and DNS leaks. Its user-friendly interface makes it a suitable choice for beginners. Nonetheless, the free plan has restrictions on data usage and server selection.

Key Review Metrics Table:

Feature Rating (Out of 5)
Security 4.5
Server Network 3.5
User Interface 4.6
Speed 4.0
Leak Protection 4.8

4. Windscribe: Best for Unlimited Device Connection

Windscribe stands out with its offering of unlimited device connections on its free plan. It provides strong security features and a variety of server locations. However, its free version has data caps that might affect heavy users.

Key Review Metrics Table:

Feature Rating (Out of 5)
Security 4.0
Server Network 4.3
User Interface 4.2
Speed 3.9
Device Connections 4.9

5. VPN Unlimited: Best for Lifetime Protection

VPN Unlimited’s free version offers a wide range of server locations and robust security features. Its focus on providing a lifetime protection option sets it apart. However, the free plan might have limitations on connection speeds.

Key Review Metrics Table:

Feature Rating (Out of 5)
Security 4.6
Server Network 4.4
User Interface 3.8
Speed 4.1
Lifetime Protection 4.7

6. CyberGhost: Best for Ease of Use

CyberGhost is known for its user-friendly interface and a wide range of server locations. It offers strong security features but may have restrictions on data usage for its free version.

Key Review Metrics Table:

Feature Rating (Out of 5)
Security 4.3
Server Network 4.6
User Interface 4.9
Speed 4.0
Ease of Use 4.8

7. Hotspot Shield: Best for Streaming

Hotspot Shield’s free plan excels in providing access to geo-restricted content and smooth streaming experiences. It offers solid security features but might have limitations on server locations.

Key Review Metrics Table:

Feature Rating (Out of 5)
Security 4.1
Server Network 3.5
User Interface 4.4
Speed 4.7
Streaming Support 4.9

8. PrivadoVPN Free

PrivadoVPN’s free version focuses on user privacy with no data logging and advanced encryption. Its server network might be limited compared to premium options.

Key Review Metrics Table:

Feature Rating (Out of 5)
Security 4.7
Server Network 3.0
User Interface 3.9
Speed 4.3
Privacy Assurance 4.8

9. Atlas VPN Free

Atlas VPN offers a generous free plan with decent security features and a user-friendly interface. However, the number of available server locations might be restricted.

Key Review Metrics Table:

Feature Rating (Out of 5)
Security 4.0
Server Network 3.2
User Interface 4.1
Speed 4.2
Free Plan Offering 4.6

Best Free VPNs for 30 Days

While free VPNs offer limited features, many premium VPN providers offer trial periods for users to experience their full range of services before committing. Here are some notable options:

Company Pricing Number of Connections Features
ExpressVPN Premium Plans / 30-day Trial 5 Extensive server network, high-speed connections
Surfshark Premium Plans / 30-day Trial Unlimited Unlimited devices, affordable pricing
TunnelBear Free / 30-day Trial 5 User-friendly, strong security

11. ExpressVPN – Trial our #1 VPN risk-free for 30 days

ExpressVPN provides a 30-day risk-free trial, allowing users to experience its top-tier security features, extensive server network, and high-speed connections.

12. Surfshark – The best cheap VPN performs well

Surfshark’s 30-day trial offers access to its full suite of features, including unlimited device connections and robust security, at an affordable price point.

13. TunnelBear

TunnelBear’s 30-day trial offers a glimpse into its user-friendly interface, strong security measures, and a limited but reliable server network.

Best Free VPNs for 45 Days

Company Pricing Number of Connections Features
NordVPN Premium Plans / 45-day Trial 6-12 Security-focused, specialized servers

14. NordVPN – Security-focused VPN giant

NordVPN’s 45-day trial period allows users to explore its advanced security features, vast server network, and specialized servers for different online activities.

How to Choose the Best Free VPN

Selecting the right free VPN for your needs requires careful consideration. Our comprehensive guide offers a step-by-step methodology to assist you in making an informed decision:

  • Understanding the Concept of Free VPNs: Learn the nuances of what free VPNs offer and their limitations.
  • Drawbacks of Free VPN Services: Explore the potential downsides, such as limited features and slower speeds.
  • Decoding How Free VPNs Operate: Gain insights into the inner workings of free VPN services and how they maintain their operations.
  • Assessing the Safety of Free VPNs: Understand the key security factors to look for when evaluating free VPN providers.


Selecting the right free VPN requires a thoughtful approach. Consider factors such as security protocols, server network, speed, user interface, and privacy policy. It’s essential to prioritize services that offer strong encryption, a wide range of servers, and a transparent privacy policy.

What is a Free VPN?

A free VPN provides virtual private network services without requiring payment. While these services can offer benefits such as accessing geo-restricted content and protecting data from cyber threats, they often come with limitations compared to premium options.

Drawbacks of Free VPN

While free VPNs offer convenience, they also have drawbacks. These include limited server options, data caps, slower connection speeds, and potential privacy concerns due to data monetization.

How Does Free VPN Work?

Free VPNs work by rerouting your internet traffic through encrypted servers, making your online activities more secure, and allowing access to blocked content. However, free VPNs might lack the infrastructure and resources of paid services.

Are Free VPNs Safe to Use?

The safety of free VPNs varies. Some providers prioritize user privacy and security, while others may compromise these aspects to generate revenue. It’s crucial to thoroughly research and select a reputable free VPN with a transparent privacy policy and strong encryption.


Within today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, protecting your online presence should always be top of mind. Free VPNs can be useful tools in providing access to restricted content and increasing privacy, but you should approach them carefully with security and privacy as a top priority in mind. By considering key metrics and aspects highlighted by this guide when making informed decisions on selecting the most suitable free VPN for your needs – stay safe, and remain anonymous Online experiences are safer overall!


  • Is there a completely free VPN?

Yes, there are free VPNs available, but they often come with limitations.

  • Are free VPNs legal?

Yes, free VPNs are legal, but their terms of use and privacy practices vary.

  • When might a free VPN not be a good choice?

Free VPNs might not offer robust security, sufficient speed, or reliable privacy compared to paid options.

  • How does a free VPN work?

Free VPNs reroute your internet traffic through encrypted servers to enhance security and privacy.

  • Who are free VPNs best for?

Free VPNs can be suitable for casual users looking for basic online privacy and access to restricted content.

  • Free VPN vs. paid – which should you get?

Paid VPNs generally offer better security, speed, and features compared to free versions.

  • Do all free VPNs sell your data?

Not all free VPNs sell data, but some do to generate revenue, hence careful selection is necessary.

  • Can I use my free VPN for Windows on other devices?

Some free VPNs support multiple devices, but device compatibility varies.

  • Is a free VPN enough for gaming on Windows?

Free VPNs might not provide the optimal speed and stability needed for smooth gaming experiences.

  • Are free VPNs for Windows safe?

Safety varies; reputable free VPNs with strong encryption and privacy policies are safer choices.

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