BGP Hard Reset vs Soft Reset: Comparison Table Included

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In BGP terminology, administrators may be required to reset BGP peers. One instance where resetting is required in when inbound filtering is applied on BGP speaking router so as to apply to filter on the received Update message.

Ways to Reset a BGP Peer

there are 2 Ways to Reset a BGP Peer:

Hard Reset

While Hard Reset kills the TCP session with BGP neighbor forcing it to restart. This process disrupts the network and considered last resort if soft reset fails.


Soft Reset

Soft Refresh can be of 2 types –

  • Soft reset with Route refresh
  • Soft-reconfiguration. 

Soft Refresh with Route Refresh allows BGP peers to request an update without tearing down the entire neighbor relationship. In Soft-reconfiguration option, since a route-refresh request is not sent to BGP neighbour, a copy is stored of BGP routes delivered in the BGP update from our peer.

Comparison: BGP Hard Reset vs BGP Soft Reset

Below table summarizes the difference between the two:

Download the difference table: BGP Hard Reset vs Soft Reset


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