Broadband vs Leased Line: Understand the difference

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broadband vs leased line

Internet Access

Internet access may be provided to customers via 2 of commonly used approach – Broadband and Leased Line. While Broad band is the most popular for Internet access in homes and SOHO, Leased Lines are preferred for providing internet connectivity to large enterprises like colleges, Head Offices and hospitals.

Broadband line is usually shared line for provide connectivity to customer locations over Internet whereas An Internet Leased Line is usually a dedicated line providing direct connectivity to the Internet.

Comparison Table: Broadband vs Leased Line

The difference between Broadband and Leased Line can be enumerated in below table –





Customer connectivityShared connection between customer premises and provider local exchangeDedicated connection between customer premises and provider local exchange
Upload and Download SpeedAsymmetric speed i.e. higher download speed than upload speedSymmetric speed i.e. same download speed than upload speed.
Availability and performance SLAVery less cases where SLA guarantee is provided by Service providerSLA guarantee is provided by Service provider for Leased links
PerformanceLower than Leased LineHigh performance
Bandwidth SharingBandwidth is shared across multiple customerBandwidth is dedicated to a customer
BandwidthBroadband speed on ADSL upto 8 Mbps and ADSL+ upto 24 MbpsGreater speed up to multiples of 10 Mbps
Plan TypesVery few options of unlimited usageOption of Unlimited usage Plans
QOSLimited or no QoSBetter QoS than Broadband
Public IP BlockGenerally Public IP is not provided for using customer own Web facing applications like web server etc.Public IP are generally provided for using customer own Web facing applications like web server etc.
Voice and Video trafficLess preferred for voice and video trafficleased Link is preferred choice for Voice and Video applications
CostCheaper than Leased LineCostlier than Broadband connection
SecurityA Broadband connection is shared across multiple customers. Hence there is quite a probability of data breach and security issuesA leased line is dedicated to a customer. Hence there is a very less chance of data breach or any other security issues


Download the comparison table: broadband vs leased line

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