MPLS” is abbreviation for “Multiprotocol Label Switching.” Data packets are assigned labels in an MPLS network. Instead of examining the packet, packet-forwarding decisions are made based purely on labels. MPLS guides data from one node to the next based on labels for path instead of network addresses, avoiding complex lookups. At every point a new label is attached to the packet until it reaches the destination.MPLS guides data from one node to the next based on shortest labels for path instead of network addresses, avoiding complex lookups.

leased line is a dedicated and high speed connectivity built across two sites. Leased lines do not share the connectivity with any other customer and we get symmetric speed in both directions.It is sometimes also known as a ‘Private Circuit’.Leased lines is an older technology than MPLS and has been around a bit longer.


Both Leased Lines and MPLS are available over copper and Fiber medium and support high bandwidths upto Gbps. Additionally both support voice and data services, however there are parameters on which they differ.

Below table shares the difference between MPLS and Leased Line –


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