Career as a Network Pre-Sales Consultant

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Pre-sales can be defined as a set of activities that are always done before the acquisition of the customer. Pre Sales Consultant works on a ground basis for the sales team so that they can achieve success. They work hard. Pre sales resources analyze the market, craft the pitches for the Sales Executives and run focus groups to be used in the field. He or she involves in every step of the sales cycle and varies from person to person. They are the support system of the sales consultant in the entire process of sales.

The job of a Pre Sales Consultant is considered a white-collar job that needs a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree. Those candidates are preferred by employers who have a degree in business, marketing or management. Pre consultants generally work in an office environment but sometimes they have to spend some time in the field for the meetings. Each and every industry requires the pre sales consultant.

Responsibilities and Duties of the Pre Sales Consultant:

The Pre Sales resources have a varied list of duties. Their responsibilities are as follows:


  • They analyze the potential market for the product/solution: Pre-Sales Consultant is responsible for the analysis of the market conditions and to find out the ideal clients for the given product or solution. It is the primary duty as a foundation for the success of a sales team depends upon the accuracy of the analysis.
  • Crafts the Sales Pitches for Sales Team: Pre Sales Resources use the above-mentioned data and coupled that data with their sales experts and craft sales pitch for the entire sales team.
  • Always Assist the Sales Team in Qualifying the Prospects: The Pre-Sales resources help the sales team of an organization in qualifying the leads with the help of their deep understanding regarding the main points to the ideal clients of the product/solution. They always take follow-ups using digital communication or mobile communication with potential leads.
  • Give the Product or solution Knowledge to the Sales Team: The pre-sales resources possess the best knowledge of the product. This deep knowledge is always required for laying down the pillar of success.
  • Pre Sales Resources Participate in the Strategic Meetings with the Marketing Team: The pre-sales consultant is involved in every department of an organization. They don’t involve themselves in the working of the sales team only; they are also responsible for contributing their knowledge to the marketing team also and knows the marketing campaign of the product.

Skills Required for Pre-Sales Consultant :

The Pre Sales Resources mostly works based on soft skills and perform their duties well. They need to be extraordinary collaborators as their key job is to work with the sales team. Their communication skills should be on the top-notch as they deal with the customers directly. Pre Sales Resources need to have efficient technical and presentation skills to achieve customer trust and henceforth winning the deal.

The following skills are required by pre-sales resources so that they can perform their duties in a better way:

  • Strategic Thinking Skills: the pre-sales resources must have strategic thinking capabilities so that they can craft the successful sales pitch for the sales team.
  • Analytical Skills: It is crucial to know the market before launching the product or solution. Their main target is to find the ideal client for the given product or given solution.
  • Sales Skills: On the ground level work related to sales of the product is not of pre-sales resources. But in reality, pre-sales customer has to work out on the market conditions and they are the one who has to assist the sales team in converting the potential leads into clients.
  • Organizational Skills: The pre-sales resources can call upon for the organizational skills to use the CRM software successfully. CRM software digitally tracks communication with a client but its efficiency is dependent on the skill of the user.
  • Collaborative Skills: The pre-sales consultant must be efficient in working with all the departments of the organization. They must present the sales plans to other team members in the best way and must participate in strategic meetings.
  • Technical skills: Technical knowledge of product working, its specifications and comparative analysis to competition are considered essential attributes of a pre-sales consultant.

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