Cisco ACI benefit over VMware NSX

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Cisco ACI or VMware NSX?

One of the most discussed topic in today’s trending SDN world is Cisco’s ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) and VMware NSX. Both the SDN solution are leading market competitors with many organisations looking forward to procure any 1 of the 2 SDN solutions.

Let’s understand how and what are the benefits Cisco’s ACI earns over its biggest market competitor i.e. NSX

Features: Cisco ACI vs VMware NSX

Cisco ACI

VMware NSX

Cisco ACI is  an integrated solution that addresses the physical and virtual networksVMware NSX is a hypervisor overlay-based model
Automated Application centric, policy driven frameworkVMware centric
Single pane of glass for managing application components with embedded securityOnly manages overlay. Underlay is managed separately
Every leaf is a gateway for physical and virtual application, no additional gateways or compute nodes requiredRequires network gateways to talk to bare-metal applications and other network endpoints

Cisco ACI Cost benefit over VNware NSX

Business relies heavily on Cost and savings , hence lets see how Cisco ACI shows a substantial cost benefit over its rival –


Cisco’s Cost Benefit over VMware NSX

Benefit  %age

Total Network Savings


Total Compute Savings


VMware vCloud/ vSphere License Savings


Total Cost of Acquisition Savings


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