Cisco IPS & IDS Interview Questions

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  1. What is a false positive?
  2. What is difference between IPS and IDS?
  3. What key advantage IPS offers over IDS that makes it a crucial component of a security approach?
  4. What Is Intrusion Detection System?
  5. Explain Anomaly-based Intrusion Detection System?
  6. What Is A Network Intrusion?
  7. In reference to IDS/IPS, what is a signature?
  8. What is DoS?
  9. What is Scanning Attack?
  10. What is penetration attack?
  11. Name some of Signature Engines of Cisco IPS?
  12. What is range of Custom Signature ID in Cisco IPS?
  13. Can IPS/IDS read encrypted traffic?
  14. In reference of IPS, Explain Vulnerability?
  15. Incontext of IPS, explain Threat?
  16. What is the difference between encryption and hashing?
  17. What is difference between NIPS and HIPS?
  18. What is “SQL Injection”?
  19. Explain “URL manipulation”?
  20. What is importance of Intrusion Detection System (IDS)?
  21. What is Signature Based Detection?
  22. What is Anomaly Based Detection?
  23. What are two modes of IPS?
  24. What is Promiscuous mode?
  25. What is inline mode?
  26. Name few of the Vendor who deals in IPS/IDS
  27. Where IPS devices are usually deployed in a network?
  28. What is the mode of the IPS from the diagram below
  29. What is the mode of the IPS in the below diagram-
  30. What is the new name of legacy IPS in Cisco?
  31. Does Cisco 5500X Series support NGIPS?
  32. In the given below the diagram, what type of IPS should be deployed?
  33. From the diagram below, how we can achieve multiple sensors in a single IPS
  34. In Cisco hardware based IPS can be accessed using which command from the firewall?
  35. In Cisco, software based IPS can be accessed using which command from firewall?
  36. What is the purpose of Cisco IME?
  37. How many devices can be managed by Cisco IME at a given time?
  38. What does Cisco FMC stands for?
  39. What is the purpose of Cisco FMC?
  40. What does Cisco IME Stands for?


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