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  1. What is DOS & DDOS?
  2. What are the difference between encoding, encryption and hashing?
  3. Apart of installing an ASA in network which additional security device can be installed in network especially near perimeter?
  4. What is need for port security ?
  5. What is Split Tunneling terminology in VPN ?
  6. What is the Public Key Encryption?
  7. Which feature on network switch can be used for preventing rouge DHCP server ?
  8. What is the purpose of “service-password-encryption” command ?
  9. Which feature set will help workstations with unauthorized MAC address from connecting to
  10. network switch ?
  11. What are proxy servers and how do they protect computer networks?
  12. What is difference between IDS and IPS ?
  13. What is difference between ASA and PIX ?
  14. What type of attack is characterized by flood of packets that are requesting a TCP connection to a server ?
  15. What is difference between VPN and VLAN ?
  16. What is Data encryption?
  17. What is meant by port blocking in LAN ?
  18. What are 4 major types of security Zones in ASA firewall ?
  19. What are the security level of 4 security Zones in ASA ?
  20. What is RSA algorithm?
  21. Explain the importance of authentication ?
  22. What is difference between Site-to-Site VPN and remote access VPN ?
  23. What is meant by Unicast reverse path forwarding ?
  24. What are different ways of securing a computer network?
  25. What is VPN ?
  26. Firewall works at which layers ?
  27. What is difference between stateful and stateless firewall ?
  28. What is DMZ Zone ?
  29. What are values of timeout of TCP session , UDP session and ICMP session ?
  30. What is difference between Web Application firewall and Network firewall ?
  31. Which secure protocol can be used instead of Telnet ?
  32. Why is RIP v1 insecure protocol ?
  33. What is another name for unsolicited E-mail messages ?
  34. What is Zero day attack?
  35. How do subnets help in improving network security ?
  36. What type of infrastructure/services is located in DMZ Zone ?
  37. For allowing packets from Higher security to lower security level , what needs to be done ?
  38. For allowing packets from lower security to higher security level , what needs to be done ?
  39. Which command is used to capture packets in ASA ?
  40. What is transparent firewall ?
  41. What is security context ?
  42. What are different type of NAT in ASA ?
  43. Which command is used to see NAT translation in Router and firewall ?
  44. Which command is cisco ASA is used to see NAT table and connection ?
  45. Which feature on Cisco IOS firewall can block TCP traffic on particular port ?
  46. Which command is used to switch to multiple context mode ?
  47. Which Zone will a VPN box be installed in reference to Firewall ?
  48. What layer does IPSEC VPN work ?
  49. What is difference between transport and tunnel mode ?
  50. What are 3 main security service IPSEC VPN provides ?



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