Cisco Nexus SUP1 vs SUP2

Cisco Nexus Supervisor modules provide control plane and management functions for 7000 and 7700 Series Chassis switches.

SUP1 was the 1st generation of Supervisor modules and its successor being SUP2 series. Nexus 7000 Series Sup2 Modules are based on a quad-core Intel Xeon processor with 12 GB of memory. Having a faster CPU and expanded memory compared to the 1st generation Sup1 module enable better control-plane performance and an enhanced user experience.


Both SUP1 and SUP2 have some similarities as stated below –

  • Maximum 32 FEX are supported (1536 ports)
  • Both are supported on Nexus 7000 Series platform

Further, the comparison between SUP1 and SUP2 is enlisted below –

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