Cisco Nexus Sup2 vs Sup2E

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In last post, we discussed on comparison of Cisco Nexus SUP1 and SUP2. Further, we now have more advanced and scalable Supervisor in form of SUP2E. So, Lets discuss compare both SUP2 and SUP2E being used in Nexus 7000 and 7700 models –

Some commonalities of SUP2 and SUP2E are –

  • Both support FCOE (Fiber Channel over Ethernet)
  • Both can support the CPU share concept which was not present in earlier SUP1. VDC CPU shares lets us set CPU priority on a VDC basis.
  • Both don’t support Connectivity Management Processor (CMP)
  • 2 supervisor modules (must be of same type) required per system for high availability
  • Both have same Interfaces –
    • Supervisor management port: 10/100/1000-Mbps Ethernet port
    • Console serial port: RJ45 connector
    • Auxiliary serial port: RJ45 connector
    • 3 USB ports: 2 host and 1 device port for peripheral devices

Further, below table describes difference between SUP2 and SUP2E


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