Configuring Connectivity Between Ghost Server and Client Across VLANs

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What is Ghost Casting?

Ghost imaging, sometimes called Ghost casting (or cloning) is a software based data backup process where contents of a computer are copied and into group of files called as an image. The ghost image copies the entire contents to another server or machine including configuration information and application

The purpose of the ghost image (Ghosting or Ghost casing) is to expedite process of cloning from one system onto other systems, or to enable a quick restore of a system. It enables migration from one disk or PC to another.

Ghost Casting Across VLANs

Example Scenario: Configuring Connectivity Between Ghost Server and Client Across VLANs

Below is a scenario where Ghost Server in Vlan 10 (IP address of ghost Server = There are two DHCP servers also in vlan 10 with IP addresses and


The Ghost clients (workstations) are in Vlan 20 (IP address of Ghost clients = and 11 respectively).



Requirement is to have Ghost client in vlan 20 to be able reach both unicast and multicast (ghost casting) sessions to the ghost server in vlan 10.

To do this the following is required on a cisco Layer 3 switch with cisco IOS –

interface vlan 1ip igmp snooping querier


interface Vlan10

ip pim sparse-dense-mode


interface Vlan20

ip helper-address

ip helper-address

ip helper-address

ip pim sparse-dense-mode

Key considerations here –

1 – The ip pim spare-dense-mode needs to go on each VLAN that ghosting will be used on.

2 – “ip helper-address” command is used to forward the broadcasts for DHCP addresses to the DHCP servers and also required if we want the ghost session to automatically detect where the ghost server is without needing to enter the IP address manually.


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