How you can create a website for your small business?

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Do small businesses need their own websites? This question could be relevant 30 years ago, but today the answer is obvious. In 2021 companies of all sizes need to run their business online.

But where to start?

How to begin small business website building?

A small business website can be made through a site builder. To build a website successfully, a company must prepare before starting. Here’s a short algorithm to follow:


  1. Define the purpose of your site– it’s necessary to establish your online presence, but it’s also crucial to understand what do you want to create a website for.
  2. Purchase a domain name – small business owners will need imagination and luck to come out with a catchy name that hasn’t yet been taken.
  3. Don’t forget about search engines – keep your site optimized and use a content management system (CMS) to move it to the Google Search top. Various SEO tools will facilitate the improvement of search engine results.
  4. Make it mobile friendly – add some popular mobile features for better usability.
  5. Integrate with a payment system – cooperate with online payment services that are both popular and reliable to ensure the security of transactions.
  6. Run several tests – check all the interactive buttons, make sure that the information is visible on both mobile and desktop devices.
  7. Launch your online store – when everything is ready, it’s time to propose products or services online and provide social media integration.
  8. Support it – it’s vital to stay in touch with your customers. A chatbot can solve simple problems, while live chat is a way to provide customer support when more difficult situations occur.

Which website builder is the best?

There are plenty of web hosting providers on the market to choose from. Each has something for a small business owner. We can also compare website builders with available tools in the market.


WordPress is a free website builder that is used by about 1/3 of small businesses.

  • Using WordPress without paying is possible, but an entrepreneur can benefit from purchasing a plan for $4-45 monthly.
  • One of the editor’s advantages is the possibility to install plugins that can extend the functionality of a business website.
  • WordPress site is SEO-friendly.


Wix is one of the most popular website builders for small businesses.

  • The cost is $14-39 per month, depending on the chosen hosting services.
  • Wix has more than 800 templates to create a memorable e-commerce website design.
  • Its ease of use attracts people.
  • There are plenty of possible features to add to the web page.
  • However, Wix is a bit inflexible. It’s hard to alter the template of the web page once it’s published.


Squarespace is a more advanced drag and drop editor, so it can be difficult for newbies to handle it.

  • A 2-weeks free trial is available, so Squarespace is definitely worth trying.
  • The price of a hosting plan is $16-54 per month.
  • This builder has more than 100 templates easily adaptable for smartphones.
  • The themes are minimal and clear, which can be both advantage and disadvantage for different entrepreneurs.

To sum up

In 2021 no brick and mortar shop doesn’t need a website. Luckily, there are plenty of user-friendly site builders that can be used to create online stores. The 3 most popular platforms are WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace, each of which has its benefits.

Nevertheless, it’s important to have a strategy before investing in a professional website for your business. Small companies are often short on a budget, so it’s important to study the options and choose the most cost effective website builder.

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