DATA License vs AppX License : Know the difference

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DATA License vs AppX License

For quite some time , Data License had been used in Cisco ISR G2 Series Cisco Routers (3900,2900 and 1900).However , off late with coming of ISR 4000 series Routing platforms and demand for integrated advanced technologies in networking domain like Application visibility, WAAS, PFR, Akamai led to introduction for AppX licensing. More so, the Data license features are now a part of the AppX license. The Data Technology Packaging License for the Cisco Integrated Services Router (ISR) G2 reached end-of-sale in May 2014 and customers need to migrate to Appx package License to garner benefits of Data License and other technologies/features attached with Appx license.

The AppX license includes all the required features typically deployed by both enterprise and service provider customers and includes all the feature sets of the DATA license, but also includes all required licensing for AVC, and WAAS.


Benefits of the AppX License:

  • Simplification of the ordering process so that customers now need only order one SKU for all features that are generally deployed by enterprise and service provider customers.
  • The combined licenses are 80% less expensive than if each license was purchased separately.

Data License vs AppX License : Comparison Table

Below table shares the difference between CISCO Data License and CISCO AppX License :




Part NumberSL-19-DATA-K9SL-19-APP-K9
Features/Services  includedData features found in SP Services and Enterprise Services IOS image on ISR 1800,2800 and 3800 e.g. MPLS, BFD, RSVP ,L2VPN, L2TPv3 ,Layer 2 Local Switching , Mobile IP, Multicast Authentication,FHRP-GLBP ,IP SLAs, PfR ,DECnet, RSRB, BIP, DLSw+, FRAS, Token Ring ,ISL, IPX ,STUN, SNTP, SDLC, QLLC etc.Each APP license includes the key IWAN components with no additional hardware needed for features, including DATA license features, Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN), Cisco Performance Routing Version 3 (PfRv3), AVC, Network Based Application Recognition 2 (NBAR2), quality of service (QoS), etc.
Supported platforms3900, 2900, and 1900 Series ISR Routers3900, 2900, and 1900 Series ISR Routers, Cisco 4000 series platform.
End of Life  announcementMay 22, 2014Not announced yet
Replacement part codeSL-29-APP-K9 (AppX License for Cisco ISR 3900 SeriesNot announced yet.

Download the comparison table here.

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