Network administrators and Newbies who are introduced to Nexus Platforms especially Nexus 7000 series have many queries on VDC (Virtual Device Context) like – what is VDC all about, how many VDC can be configured on one N7K, how many unique sets of VRF and VLANs are there in one VDC and many more. One common questions that comes to fore is the difference between Default VDC and Admin VDC.

Notable is that Default VDC was there in Nexus from start , however with the introduction of NX-OS 6.1(1) and the Supervisor 2 and Supervisor 2E modules for the Nexus 7000, a new capability called Admin Virtual Device Context (Admin VDC) was created. Default and admin VDC cannot coexist at the same time. VDC 1 can either configure as default or Admin.

There are some key differences between both the VDC types. Below table shares their dissimilarities –


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