Finding Difference between Shut Down, Stop, Suspend and Pause in VMware

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VMware is a popular software company dealing in the services of cloud computing and virtualization software. The services offered by the company are distinctive in nature due to the fact that it takes the facility of virtual computing to a whole new level.

With the advent of virtual computing, especially after has been revolutionized by the companies like VMware, the common problem that people usually encounter is what certain commands associated with the service precisely do to the virtual machine. Here, we are going to shed some light over some of these command actions and what they actually meant in the virtual world of VMware.


The command actions in VMware that we are going to talk about here do have close resemblance in terms of vocabulary, but when put into actual action they are far distinct from one another. Here, we try finding difference between shut down, stop, suspend and pause in VMware. We are going to bifurcate these command actions into four different columns and observe how they are distinct from one another.


So, let us begin without any further delay-

Segregating the Command actions in VMware


While analyzing the difference between shut down, stop, suspend and pause in VMware, one can reach onto the conclusion that the almost identical action commands are not what they appear in terms of function. They are distinct from one another and treat the resources of the virtual machine in different manner. It is imperative to understand why these commands in VMware exist in order to make an optimum use out of them. Parallel Desktop is designed in such a way that it can function like a normal PC, however you may be required to familiarize yourself with the action commands and why, when and how they are put into use.


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