How iMind can help you create a better image of your brand

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For any business, the question of how customers – potential or real – perceive the name of your brand is crucial. It refers to the associations the name provokes and the visual memory connected to how the name sounds or looks. And as video conferencing is a part of the working process, it can also influence brand recognition and perception. How exactly does the iMind tool work for this point?

What impacts how people perceive your brand?

Several criteria have the most significant impact on what impression your brand creates:

  • the quality of service – the final customers are the first people to say their impressions on how your company works;
  • correspondence of the marketing statements to the real work strategy – the boldest are the most visible, exceptionally if they are not true;
  • visual associations – fonts, colors, images, actors of advertising videos, places where the logos are applied and how convenient it is, etc.;
  • aural associations – bright voices, noisy sounds, melodies, or popular songs you use in the advertising, and even how your staff speaks.

These are maybe the main points that a regular consumer would emphasize, but usually – these questions remain semi-subconscious. 


How to enhance people’s perception with the iMind platform?

The iMind tool is a video conferencing solution designed for business. Thus, it provides some features that can help you improve your brand’s recognition and general opinion about your company among your partners and prospects. To say more specifically, iMind can offer:

  • A high distinction of video and comfortable sound settings provide the general impression of a meeting. Using a top-quality solution for remote communication indicates you care about the cooperation comforts you’re responsible for – it suggests an idea of a responsible partner, which makes your brand even more attractive.
  • Custom branding – the feature that provides you an opportunity to use your logo or its references as backgrounds for the waiting room, conference room itself, and in other situations. It gives you an advantage because people you work with will appreciate your attention to detail even on this level.
  • Custom subdomain – when you create a meeting room, you write down the name of the rooms as links to share, but usually, they contain the address of the iMind website, and you cannot use taken names for rooms. The feature resolves this issue and makes it possible to use the addresses that directly indicate which company is the organizer of a video conference.

The only aspect to consider is these features become available in different subscription plans. The first one is a tool feature by default, but the second appears only in the Pro plan (though you can use usual pictures for backgrounds in the waiting and conference rooms). The latter option is available from the Business plan only.

Improving brand perception by using means provided by working tools is not this popular, but it can be more effective than you think. Use the advantages of iMind to realize how else you can develop your business, and see the difference!

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