How to download VPN for Windows PC?

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A VPN or “Virtual Private Network,” is a service that creates an encrypted tunnel for your internet connection, protecting your online privacy and hiding your data from snoopers. By encrypting your traffic and routing it through a remote server, a VPN hides your IP and provides you with a virtual location. It also adds security and anonymity to users when they connect to web-based services and sites. A VPN protects your data from ISPs, hackers, cyber-criminals, and advertisers by hiding IP addresses and network traffic, which is especially crucial when using public Wi-Fi networks.

We have discussed in detail the basics of VPN Technology, types of VPN, benefits of VPN etc. in our previous blogs. In this blog, we will discuss the considerations and installation steps to download a VPN for Windows PC.

VPN for Windows PC

If you’re looking to stay safe online while browsing, streaming, or playing games on your PC or laptop, using a VPN for Windows is crucial. iTop VPN for Windows offers top-notch protection for your personal information by allowing you to hide your IP address, encrypt your internet connection, and enjoy market-leading speeds. You can even safely connect to unprotected public Wi-Fi networks.


Key Considerations

Some of the key questions that any customer will consider before selecting the VPN solution are enlisted below –

  • Secured streaming
  • Speed
  • Ease of Use
  • Split tunnelling
  • Threat protection

Downloading VPN for Windows PC: iTop VPN

If you’re searching for a reliable way to secure your online activities and access geo-restricted content, a top-notch VPN is the answer. For Windows-based PCs, downloading the best VPN should be your first step. Here, we will show you how to download a reputable VPN on your laptop or computer.

Simple 3 steps for installing iTop VPN:

Step 1: Download iTop VPN for Windows

Step 2: Install and launch it

Step 3: Connect to VPN

Benefits of iTop VPN

iTop VPN provides a range of features that perfectly fit into the customer’s wish list. The top most amongst this is

  • Free to use: iTop VPN is available for free download for the users.

Popular Features

  • Global Connection: iTop VPN is a leading VPN service that offers its users access to over 1800 trustworthy and top-notch servers across 100+ locations worldwide. With just a single click, you can easily connect to any location of your choice, thanks to the seamless connectivity provided by this VPN.
  • Ads Block: With this remarkable feature, you can effectively block malicious ads that often appear when browsing the web. No more annoying pop-ups or unwanted traces left behind. Enjoy a secure and pure Internet environment instantly.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: iTop VPN ensures that your bandwidth speed is never restricted and effectively prevents the impact of IPS throttling, enabling you to boost your network speed.
  • Kill Switch: The Kill Switch feature is a reliable defense mechanism against any unexpected disconnection of your VPN connection. Its automatic operation immediately halts all internet traffic, safeguarding your data from being leaked online until the VPN connection is restored.

Security & Privacy Features

  • No Log Policy: At iTop VPN is committed to No-Log Policy. This means that the user’s privacy is of utmost importance and any information about your profile will never be tracked or recorded, no matter the circumstances.
  • DNS Protection: With iTop VPN, your system’s DNS settings are bullet-proof protected, minimizing the risks of cybercriminals hijacking or spamming your device. This ensures that your DNS remains unaltered, providing an additional layer of security against threats.
  • IPv6 Servers: iTop VPN prioritizes IPv6 connections, allowing your Windows device to securely connect to servers that use the IPv6 protocol. This ensures that your online activities are protected while also providing enhanced performance.
  • Browser Anti-Tracking: iTop VPN offers a convenient feature of automatically cleaning up browser traces for its users. This functionality is compatible with all the widely used browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, IE, and Waterfox.

In addition, iTop VPN also provides some customized features like:

  • VPN Protocol (TCP, UDP, HTTPS)
  • IP Configuration (Best Server IP, dynamic IP and static IP)
  • Split Tunneling
  • Launch on Startup


Possible downside is: Subscription is required for premium features.

Final Verdict

If you want to access restricted websites in your region, iTop VPN is the one of the best VPN service available. With iTop VPN, you can unblock content and enjoy unlimited bandwidth. To download iTop VPN on your PC and get access to its unlimited benefits, simply follow the three steps explained above and enjoy the free of cost service.

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