How to Protect Your Youtube Account from Hackers?

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how to protect your youtube accountYoutube is a popular video-sharing website that allows users to upload and share videos. Youtube has become so popular because of the large amount of content available on the site. As well as for its ability to reach a global audience. Youtube also provides an opportunity for people with little or no budget to create something professional-looking.

Youtube is an excellent way to promote your business. People create unique channels with Youtube overlays and alerts to attract more viewers. So it’s important to keep your essential data on this platform secured. Read more about how to protect your Youtube account from hackers. The tips mentioned below will help you run your channel stress-free.

Is YouTube Safe from Hackers?

All Youtube users have a concern about their channel and its privacy. Youtube is quite safe from hacking if you do everything for the security of your Youtube account. But still, it’s important to know how to protect your Youtube data from malicious people who want to steal your valuable content or identity.


How Do Hackers Steal Your Data on Youtube?

There are many ways in which someone can hack into your Youtube channel:

  • they may take advantage of some weak passwords;
  • they might even attempt hacking through email compromise (phishing). Fake messages will tell the user that they need to verify their profile by entering personal details such as usernames and passwords etc.

The most popular way used by scammers is infecting computers with malware/viruses. They will then allow the hacker access to all your social media accounts including Youtube.

Once they have accessed your account, scammers can change your password. They lock you out of your own channel. Or worse still, post offensive or spam videos on it. They could also steal any ad revenue that you may be earning from your channel.

How Can You Protect Your Youtube Channel?

There are several things that you can do to protect your Youtube account and keep it safe from hackers:

  • Use a strong password that is individual for each account. Do not use the same password for all your websites.
  • Never use easily guessed passwords such as “password” or “1234”. If you have trouble remembering all of your different passwords, try using a password manager like LastPass or Dashlane. These tools can help store your passwords securely. They make your data accessible on all of your devices.
  • Update your software regularly, especially if you use a Windows operating system.
  • Make sure you have an effective antivirus program installed and running on your computer.
  • Disable the “remember my password” option on Youtube if you are sharing a PC with someone else who has access to Youtube and other social media sites. This will protect your accounts from being hacked. When another user logs onto Youtube using their own username and password, your data is secured.
  • Your email address is also an important piece of information that hackers can use to hack into your Youtube channel. So don’t make it easy for them by including personal details. This could be your date of birth or location in public posts or comments.
  • Do not share any account-related information online. Even if you think that the person asking may be genuine. Anybody could pretend to work for Youtube support. Scammers get away with getting some private info about your Youtube account just by pretending to be Youtube.
  • Do not allow other people to use your Youtube account. Even if it is just for a one-time session.
  • In addition to the danger of those users gaining access to all of your Youtube content. They can post spam or offensive comments on videos that you have worked hard on creating. Someone may cause damage by deleting something without realizing what they are doing.
  • Learn about YouTube’s security features before using them.
  • Take advantage of two-step verification as an additional layer of protection against hackers. Use it when signing in to your Youtube channel when you’re not around.


Youtube is a great resource for video sharing. But it’s important to remember to protect yourself from potential hackers. Scammers can potentially do a lot of damage to your Youtube channel. This includes deleting videos or comments. It’s important to be aware of Youtube’s security features. Use them to protect your account. You can also add an additional layer of protection by using two-step verification. Follow these tips and you’ll be able to keep your Youtube channel secure.


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