IP telephony 30+ Interview Questions

Rashmi Bhardwaj | Interview Questions

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  1. What is the difference between CUCM 10.x and 11.x in terms of features?
  2. What are the different kinds of UCS servers available?
  3. What’s the latest VMware version available?
  4. How does VMware ESXi Server compare to ESX Server?
  5. What is Device Mobility? What is the difference between Physical Location and Location?
  6. What is Local route group?
  7. Scenario – We have 2 MGCP/H.323 gateways each is having one PRI on it. How do you configure the same so as both the PRIs are used?
  8. Can one H.323 gateway be registered on 2 different CUCM Clusters?
  9. How to configure Extension Mobility?
  10. How to configure SNR?
  11. What is IPMA and modes of IPMA?
  12. What’s the call flow in IPMA?
  13. What do you mean by codec complexity?
  14. Can we configure Hunt group and Call pick-up group on same phone?
  15. What are the License types on CUCM?
  16. What are the various types of Media resources?
  17. What is MTP?
  18. What is logical partitioning and how to configure it?
  19. Scenario – Phone is not registering with the CUCM, it shows registering as a status on the phone? Please share the troubleshooting steps?
  20. Scenario – All the phones are registered but on the CUCM it shows as unregistered. Kindly share the troubleshooting steps?
  21. What is MVA and how to configure it?
  22. What’s the difference between Translation and Transformation?
  23. What is CAC/AAR?
  24. What are the steps for troubleshooting Database replication issue?
  25. How to upgrade the CUCM server from different version? Planning behind it.
  26. For what purpose the CAPF service is used?
  27. What’s the difference between SDI and SDL traces?
  28. What are different deployment models of CUCM?
  29. What’s the latency required for clustering over WAN?
  30. What’s the bandwidth requirement for clustering over WAN?
  31. What’s the default protocol used for intra-cluster calls?
  32. What all details are required before going for installation of CUCM?
  33. On what protocols you can integrate CUCM and UNITY?
  34. What are Integration steps for Unity with CUCM?
  35. What is Call Handler?

ANSWERS @ – https://ipwithease.com/shop/

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