Palo Alto Firewall Interview Questions


  1. What is the role of Virtual Wire interface in Palo Alto firewall?
  2. What is APP-ID?
  3. How does App-ID identify the application used in network?
  4. An administrator is finding it hard to manage multiple Palo Alto NGFW Firewalls. What solution should he use to simplify and centrally manage Firewalls through singly source?
  5. What are 3 focal areas in which Panorama adds value?
  6. What are the benefits of using Panorama?
  7. Which Palo Alto Networks solution targets endpoint security from Cyber-attacks?
  8. What are different modes in which interfaces on Palo Alto can be configured?
  9. Which command is used to show the maximum log file size?
  10. What is function of Zone Protection Profile?
  11. What is difference between Palo Alto NGFW and WAF?
  12. What is U-Turn NAT?
  13. Explain the difference between Virtual Routers and Virtual Systems in Palo Alto?
  14. A new customer wants to setup firewall to process 10Gbps of traffic. Which firewall models could be recommended to the customer?
  15. Which Dynamic Routing protocol cannot be configured on the Palo Alto Firewall?
  16. What is difference between stream-based and file-based application scanning?
  17. Which all IPS mechanisms are used for Content-ID to secure network from attacks?
  18. What widget allows administrators to quickly investigate security incidents by correlating threats with applications and user identity?
  19. Which all types of logs can be viewed on Palo Alto NGFWs?
  20. A malicious file was not blocked by WildFire evaluation and somehow was allowed to execute. Can such malicious activity still be blocked?
  21. What is Wildfire? Explain its functioning?
  22. By default, what is the IP address of management port on Palo Alto Firewall and default username/password?
  23. What is the key difference between superuser and device administrator?
  24. How many virtual systems can be carved out fromPA-800?
  25. What are the HA modes in which Palo Alto Firewall can be configured?
  26. What is HA Lite?
  27. Explain Active/Active HA in Palo Alto NGFW?
  28. Explain Active/Passive HA in Palo Alto NGFW?
  29. What are the different states of HA Firewall?
  30. Which ports types are used in HA Pair?
  31. What are the prerequisites while configuring an HA pair?
  32. The Palo Alto Networks firewall supports how many VPN deployments?
  33. What is a service route? What interface is used by default to access external services?
  34. How many zones can an interface be part of?
  35. 2 Zones are configured on a Palo Alto Firewall. IP communication is not happening between both zones. What is required to allow this?
  36. What interface options are available to manage Palo Alto Firewall?
  37. Which file is mandatory for bootstrap process to function?
  38. What is the basic approaches to deploy certificates for Palo Alto Networks firewalls?
  39. What are different types of links related for Firewall HA?
  40. What parameter is decides a primary and secondary HA pair?
  41. What is Application Command Center (ACC)?
  42. An administrator to configure a Palo Alto Networks NGFW to provide protection against worms and trojans. Which Security Profile type will protect against worms and trojans?
  43. Which virtualization platforms support the deployment of Palo Alto Networks VM-Series firewalls?
  44. A traffic log displays “incomplete” for a new application. What does that mean?
  45. What are options available on Palo Alto firewall for forwarding the log messages?
  46. What happens when a URL matches multiple patterns (multiple custom URL filtering categories and allow/block-list) within a URL filtering profile?
  47. What actions are available while filtering URLs?
  48. Which are pre-defined administrator roles?
  49. What is Captive portal and its usage?
  50. How Does Panorama address new logs Logs when It Reaches Maximum Storage limit?


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