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Network Administrators look at new technologies with curiosity and apprehensions. One such case is with introduction of Netflow v9 and IPFIX technologies in this fast techno world. NetFlow vs IPFIX is something which has raised eyebrows for several different reasons. First and foremost, IPFIX itself is directly spawned from NetFlow v9 and, further, several individuals who worked on v9 also worked on IPFIX, which is even considered NetFlow v10 for all intents and purposes! For the curious, IPFIX stands for “IP Flow Information eXport,” and is an IETF standard specifically meant to open up flow to a broad range of vendors more easily.

IPFIX was fueled heavily by the desire of vendors to push away from the Cisco-driven standards and forced rigidity of NetFlow to provide a much more open and flexible flow gathering datagram and environment. NetFlow v9 came first. IPFIX made provisions for NetFlow v9 and added support for it.

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All said and done, below table clearly articulates the difference between both the terms and how they differ in day to day functioning and feature support –



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