10 Mobile App Testing Trends for 2024

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As 2023 ends, we can reflect on the year’s successes and set intentions for the following year. The teams working on mobile apps can research consumer and industry trends to determine how to best incorporate them into the mobile app testing and development process.

In this article, we’ll review some important mobile testing trends to keep an eye on in 2024, so you can continue testing mobile apps effectively.

As of 2022, there were more than 6.5 billion smartphone subscribers globally, and many more are projected in the coming years, making the mobile app market red hot and showing no signs of cooling off.


The percentage of mobile users accessing websites worldwide was 59% in Q2 2022. While there are more openings in software engineering, business management, and quality control due to this expanding industry, there is also less space for error. Users expect apps to keep their data safe and provide a brilliant experience. Unless you can offer something better, they will look elsewhere.

Here’s a preview of the significant trends in testing in 2024.

As the need to adapt to a global market increases, the time it takes to bring a product to consumers may shrink even further. Since the shorter development cycle increases the likelihood of defects, testing must start earlier. That means the increasing testing responsibilities for developers will likely continue.

Automated testing is one approach to addressing this rising need. This year, the use of test automation increased by over 20%, according to a report from GitLab DevOps. Because it eliminates the need for as much manual effort, automated testing is still high on developers’ wish lists.

By enabling software teams to respond rapidly to market demands with enhanced speed, efficiency, risk reduction, and continuous feedback loops, DevOps will continue to develop in 2024. Mobile app testing should be an integral element of the DevOps process because it affects the user’s impression of your brand and the reliability of your product.

2. Security Is Always A Top Priority

When creating new software, developers often worry about ensuring it is secure. Small, medium, and large companies across all industries are still vulnerable to cyber threats, and researchers predict that new attack vectors will emerge in the next year. User’s private information is at stake along with your company’s security. Hackers can easily take credit card numbers, login credentials, and even entire identities in this way. The proliferation of IoT devices and the trend toward a distributed workforce increase potential attack surfaces; organizations must consider cybersecurity and bolster it throughout the creation process.

3. Cloud Mobile Testing Is Increasing in Popularity

Due to its convenience and cost-effectiveness, cloud mobile testing is the go-to option for checking out mobile apps, and this demand will grow. Teams can test their apps on a wide range of platforms and hardware without making the nigh-impossible effort to keep track of every potential configuration of hardware and testing device. Cloud-based testing solutions are scalable and adaptable.

The fact that many programmers opt for remote or hybrid work arrangements further suggests that this trend will continue. By eliminating the need for actual mobile devices, cloud-based testing provides mobile app developers with more freedom and scalability when testing their software. As the need for mobile devices continues to rise, businesses can better respond to shifting market conditions by adopting a testing strategy incorporating automated and manual tests and conducting them in the cloud.

4. Quality As A Marketing Tool

Users have high standards for their mobile app experiences because of the abundance of options. As a result of this demand, Google has made it so that higher-quality apps receive exposure. On the flip side, it may suppress or clearly label low-quality items. Google Play recommends that developers prioritize technical excellence and provide insight into the parameters used to evaluate submissions. Android vitals provides you with measures like performance and stability monitoring and new troubleshooting tools.

A mobile app’s quality is more important than ever since customers will prefer products of a higher caliber. A comprehensive testing strategy can guarantee high-quality app releases.

5. Automation Testing Framework Are on The Rise

Mobile test automation frameworks are gaining popularity. Flutter is a free and open-source framework that streamlines the process of creating, testing, and releasing mobile apps. With React Native, programmers can make native apps for Android and iOS and do it all with a single codebase. These automated software testing platforms reduce the time and money spent creating and testing mobile device applications.

6. Scriptless and Low-code Test Automation

Testing mobile apps using low-code automated testing is much simpler and quicker. Even without programming knowledge, non-technical testers can create and automate test cases. Developers can get helpful insights into potential UX problems from people on the team with the most direct experience with the target demographic. Incorporating low-code automated web testing into your strategy allows you to increase your testing coverage while streamlining and scaling your business operations.

If You Haven’t Already, 2024 Is The Year To Reevaluate Your Testing Procedures

The tremendous demand for speed and security in today’s mobile-first world necessitates that QA teams and app development maintain a steadfast emphasis on delivering a great user experience without sacrificing either. An essential thing you can do to keep up with the increasing demand in your industry is to test your mobile app suite. A comprehensive testing plan that leverages comprehensive mobile app testing tools will ensure your testing strategy is solid and can help your organization grow.

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