Top 10 trends in Intent Based Networking Vendors 2024

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Introduction to Intent Based Networking 

Intent based networking has emerged as the latest trend in IT. Modern vendors are exploring the benefits of Intent based networking. With the support of machine learning and analytics, Intent based networking offers revolutionary ways to transform IT infrastructures and cloud adoptions. Intent based networking offers efficiency by helping users to apply policies across entire network infrastructure. This technology has gained momentum in the past few years. 

In this article we will look at vendors which made their place in the top 10 in the current year.  Intent based networking is the need of the hour and focus is shifted from traditional CLI based network management to business contents mapped policy management in enterprise networks. 

Here is the list of top 10 vendors which have brought Intent based networking solutions in the market. Global Intent-based Networking (IBN) Market growth predicted at 30% till 2026: <Source🡪 GMI>



The most notable company focused on Intent based networking (IBN). They announced their IBN initiatives as a part of its overall vision to create an intuitive system which fully considers and understands the needs of business today. Cisco IBN solution anticipates actions, stops security issues on their tracks (Proactively), and learns as it goes. Cisco has also introduced the Network assistance engine for the purpose of verification. 


It is another technology company in the IBN ring. The company recently premiered its CloudCampus solution. The Campus insight technology within CloudCampus will help users to build self-healing, predictive closed-loop systems. This gives greater visibility and improved network protection. CloudCampus uses AI and big data to implement state of art fault analysis and prediction technology. 


Apstra is a self-funded start-up, and one of leaders to produce an incredible, full service IBN solution. The AOS offering of Apstra runs on any networking hardware and allows administrators to configure, monitor, and deploy their data networks as per organization needs. It has a unique multi vendor performance commitment. 

Juniper Networks

Juniper is working on a new approach to IBN which uses a software defined networking controller model. Juniper has recently introduced Juniper Bots, which allows business outcomes translations into automated workflows. It has a self-driving network which provides support for everything starting from managing, configuration, monitoring and defending networks with minimal human intervention. The system is predictive and adaptive with optimization and personalization for the end user.  

Forward Networks

It focuses on IBN single area of verification; it has state of art software which creates a model of the network and ensures that it is working as it was intended to. It does not examine live traffic but instead considers network configuration, building models, analyse packet behaviour as they traverse on networks. 

Altran Technologies

Altran introduces an intent based perspective AI platform to realize self-learning networks for zero human touch network operation which predicts network anomalies and takes preventive measures in real time using a cognitive feedback loop. 

Anuta Networks

Anuta ATOM is a multi-dimensional product which is designed for and is strongly capable of integrating different aspects of network management, including configuration management, compliance management, Analytics and telemetry and automated service assurance. ATOM offers a database of information which serves as a source for ATOM AI/ML layer.

Veriflow Systems

The veriflow technology helps enterprises to predict all possible network wide behaviours and verification of their availability and security. CloudPredict uses maths to predict potential errors, collects information from all devices of the network and allows companies to quickly be aware of any issues which can cause outages.

Avi Networks (VMware)

Avi networks provide intent based application services by automation of intelligence across the cloud. The Avi intent based model permits users to focus on most wanted and important business outcomes using specifying intent. The focus is on outcome instead of inputs. Which ensures scalable, secure and reliable application experience. It also offers web application firewalls, performance monitoring, auto scaling and auto discovery features. 

Cerium Networks

Cisco DNA center is a complete network management platform with intent based networking and provides reliable and secure network monitoring. It simplifies network management, deploys networks in a few minutes not days, transforms network and policy driven and guided remediation, increases network uptime and reduces time spent on management of trivial network tasks.

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