Path selection in Silverpeak

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Silver Peak appliance (EdgeConnect) performs routing based on below subnet table lookup and criteria –

  1. Longest Match –

In this case, the longest prefix is given preference while selecting the best path. For eg – is preferred route compared to

  1. Local Preference –

Local subnet (locally connected) is always given preference compared to subnets learned via advertisement.


  1. Lowest Metric –

Lower the metric, more the preferred path. For e.g. – Network X.X.X.0/24 from device A with metric 30 is given preference compared to same network from device B with metric 40.

  1. Lowest Priority –

This is also called Peer Priority. The device chooses the route from peer with the lowest priority. This is a configurable line items and can be configured under “Configuration” section.

  1. Random –

In case all of the above mentioned criteria are same or equal, path selection will be performed randomly.


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