Perpetual PoE vs Fast PoE: Understanding the Key Difference

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The flow of power is undeniably the lifeline for any network and when it comes to the local area networks then it comes in various forms. Power over Ethernet or PoE is basically one such form of technology that is meant for wired Ethernet LANs (local area networks) facilitating the flow of electrical current required for the operation of each device to be successfully carried through the data cables instead of power cords.

One key reason due to which PoE is widely used across the network is the fact that it curtails the number of wires necessary to strung in order to successfully install the network.

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It is true that perpetual and fast POE are the two major types of Power over Ethernet Technologies. They experience certain similarities on the grounds of using CREE light powered devices, both come with the feature of manual shut down of power to the port as well as the ports can run on the backup instantly after completion of the upgrade in both the cases.

But here, it is not the similarities among the two POEs that we are going to emphasize on but how Perpetual PoE vs Fast PoE function distinctly from one another.

Perpetual PoE vs Fast PoE: The Distinguishing Features

Please note that both Power of Ethernet technologies can be evaluated on the grounds of the following features-

So, these are some of the key parameters on the grounds of which the distinction can be made between the two Power over Ethernet technologies. Whenever you are making a distinction over Perpetual PoE vs Fast PoE, it is basically on the basis of the rate of power supply at the time of system bootup, the ability to recover after a power failure, the configuration commands on the switch and the proficiency of PSE retention. These are the critical features on the grounds of which the evaluation is done.


While comparing Perpetual PoE vs Fast PoE, it is not easy to pass on the verdict whether which one is absolutely better than the other. Both of them have certain merits and demerits. It is totally up to us which form of power supply technology we would like to depend on. There is option available for uninterrupted power supply as well as quick switch back up supply as well. The comparative features are in front of you, just narrow down your precise network needs and everything will fall in line.


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