Cisco PIX vs Cisco ASA: Stateful Firewalls


Both PIX and ASA are Cisco Stateful firewalls with latter being the latest market entrant including increased feature support and performance.

Comparison Table: PIX vs ASA

Below table enlists the difference between both the PIX and ASA –

S No



1 Firewall appliance Is firewall and anti-malware security appliance
2 Physical Appliance Physical and Virtual Appliance
3 Provides Stateful packet filtering firewall. Provides following feature support






4 Use PIX Device Manager (PDM) for a graphical interface. Use Adaptive Security Device Manager (ASDM) for a graphical interface.
5 Does not support WebVPN Supports WebVPN
6 Does not support Transparent Firewall, Security Context and Modular Policy Supporting Transparent Firewall, Security Context and
Modular Policy
7 16 MB Ram 64 MB
8 Runs PIX OS Runs Security appliance Code 7.0 and later
9 Lower in performance and throughput Higher performance and throughput

Download the comparison table here.

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