RJ11 vs RJ45 – Difference between RJ11 & RJ 45

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RJ 45 and RJ 11 –

RJ is the acronym for Registered Jack and refers to the industry standard character that cable connectors usually start with. RJ45 and RJ11 are the 2 most command connector standards used universally.

The main difference between these two is in where they are actually used. RJ45 jacks are used in networking (Ethernet LAN), where you connect computers or other network elements to each other. RJ11 is the cable connector that is being used in telephone sets.

Aside from the application, there are also differences that an individual can easily see and identify.


RJ11 vs RJ45 –

Below is the comparison table of RJ45 vs RJ11


RJ11 is the cable connector used in telephone sets, ADSL lines and modem cables etc.
RJ45 jacks are used in networking, where one connects computers or other network elements to each other.
RJ11 is 4 slot connector
RJ45 is an eight slot connector
Wiring Standard

RJ11 is 4P4C wiring standard
6P4C wiring standard which means it has 6 Positions with 4 Conductor.
RJ45 is an 8P8C wiring standard. This means that there are also 8 wires that are terminated in the connector, occupying all the available slots.
Smaller in size than RJ45
Bigger is size than RJ11
Bandwidth SupportedCan Support somewhere around 24 Mbps bandwidth (e.g. – ADSL+)
RJ45 on Cat7 and Cat6a can support upto 10Gbps speed over Ethernet

Download the rj11 vs rj45 difference table here.


To know more about difference between rj11 and rj45 watch this video –


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