SAN Interview Questions

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  1. When parity is updated at parity-based RAID?
  2. What is HBA?
  3. What is storage virtualization?
  4. What is LUN Masking?
  5. What is hot sparing?
  6. Can we assign a hot spare to RAID 0 array?
  7. What is the difference between RAID 0+1 and RAID 1+0?
  8. What is iSNS?
  9. Explain seek time of hard drive?
  10. How to calculate RPMs of SSD?
  11. What is data deduplication?
  12. What is a benefit of source-based deduplication over target-based deduplication?
  13. What is SAN multipathing?
  14. What is a benefit of virtual storage provisioning over traditional provisioning?
  15. A disk is divided into three LUNs. One LUN is presented to a host. How does this LUN appear to the host?
  16. The Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of a company is 4 hours. What does it mean in the event of a disaster?
  17. What is Network Attached Storage (NAS)?
  18. Assume that an application uses ten 8 GB devices. A full volume local replica of the application is required every 6 hours. Each replica will be kept for 24 hours. How many replica devices are required?
  19. Which operation writes data in cache, and immediately to disk, before sending an acknowledgement to the host?
  20. If a disk drive’s rotational speed is 10,000 revolutions per minute, what is its average rotational latency?
  21. What is the value of Recovery Point Objective (RPO) if no more than 2 hours of production data can be lost?
  22. A five disk RAID 0 set has been assigned stripe depth of 32 KB. What is the stripe size?
  23. Storage devices are RAID-1 protected. Which component is a Single Point of Failure?Refer the following exhibit –
  24. Which protocol is used to access block level storage over IP?
  25. What is minimum number of drives that are required to create RAID 5?
  26. What is an advantage of RAID 5 relative to RAID 1?
  27. What is SSD caching?
  28. What is Fibre Channel zoning?
  29. What is WWN?
  30. What is advantage of WWN zoning over port zoning?


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