SD WAN has been seen in IT world as a paradigm shift from orthodox way network and services work.Till recently , Traditional WAN (MPLS , PTP etc) links were provisioned across multitude of branches for inter-connectivity of companies.However, SD WAN has come up as game changer as it will provide a great opportunity for Companies to save on cost (OPEX and CAPEX) including better control and improved application/user experience by utilizing Internet Links instead of MPLS/PTP links.

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Most fascinating is the prospective of cost saving by using low cost broadband internet connections securely and with high reliability. Also some more value adds include agility, security and Quality of Service.Benefits that can be reaped from SD-WAN are listed here – “Benefits of SD-WAN

Software-Defined WAN has its roots in Software-Defined Networking (SDN).

Below are the key difference between Traditional WAN concept and SD-WAN concept which shares how SD WAN framework scores over Traditional WAN technologies –



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