SNMP Interview Questions

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  1. What is SNMP?
  2. What Are The Components Of SNMP?
  3. What Is an MIB?
  4. What Is a Managed Device?
  5. What Is an SNMP Agent?
  6. What are different versions of SNMP and their difference?
  7. What is function of SNMP string?
  8. Enlist some of widely used SNMP based monitoring tools?
  9. In a new Head Office setup incorporating a firewall for security, an NMS running SNMP for network device management is not showing devices behind the firewall. NMS is pingable from the devices.
  10. Enlist the key benefits that of SNMPv3 compared to its predecessors?
  11. What are steps of configuring SNMP v3?
  12. What are the type of operations or messages in SNMP?
  13. Explain the format of SNMP message?
  14. What is difference between polling and event notification?
  15. What is community wrt SNMP?
  16. What is SNMP community string?
  17. Which command is used to enable all Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) notifications (traps or informs) available on your system?
  18. Which MIB/OID should be used in SNMP for interface counters?
  19. What is the alert message generated by SNMP agents called?
  20. Which layer does SNMP work on?
  21. A WAN Router is responding very slow and on logging the device via console, following message is received – %SNMP-3-CPUHOG: Processing [chars] of [chars].What could be the probable cause of device slowness?
  22. Which command is used in SNMP to set up the community access string?
  23. Enumerates some of benefits of SNMP?
  24. How does SNMP work?
  25. What is difference between GET and SET messages in SNMP?



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