SSD vs HDD: Understand the difference

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SSD and HDD are the 2 well known technologies which are being used in Laptops and Computers around the world. While SSD stands for Solid State Drive, HDD is abbreviation for Hard Disk Drive.

Notable to share that Hard disk drives have been around for more than 50 years and steadily increasing their storage capacity and decreasing size. Each of these 2 Hard Drive types have benefits over each other.


Below are some of areas where the comparison of both is discussed –


Performance and Reliability 

SSDs are at minimum 15 times faster in performance compared to HDDs. In fact SSDs score much better than HDDs when it comes to reliability with former being 4-5 times more reliable compared to latter. When it comes to gaming and need for better storage devices, SSD is the de facto preferential drive due to amazing performance.


A Solid State Drive has no moving parts and as such, it runs completely silent. Conversely, an HDD produces a certain amount of noise.


HDDs use mechanical parts where spinning disks, or platters are used to read and write data. SSDs rely on electronic storage in non-volatile memory, using Integrated circuit chips that retain their information even when the power is turned off.

Cost & Weight 

HDDs are cheaper technology compared to SSDs. However tradeoff being that HDDs are much heavier compared to SSDs.

Power Consumption 

HDD utilize much more power and energy when compared to its successor SDD which are more efficient when it comes to power consumption.

Comparison Table: SSD vs HDD

Below table encapsulates the difference between both HDD and SSD Drive types and compares them –

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