The 10 Best Electronic Signature Apps

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How long does it take you to sign documents? Usually, you format the document, print, sign, scan it into your PC, and then reformat it before sending it. This is not too bad for a one-off.

However, repeating the same process for dozens of documents becomes a chore. Electronic signature apps help you deal with these documents. They can enable you to sign documents in seconds. 

10 Best Electronic Signature Apps

Companies and professionals are quickly reaping the benefits. However, the proliferation of electronic signature apps makes it hard to choose the right one. In this post, you get to learn the 10 best electronic signature apps. 


#1 CocoSign 

CocoSign is a platform-independent online signature software with easy-to-use and streamlines under interface. Businesses and professionals trust CocoSign as their e-signature solution of choice. 

It integrates Google Drive, Onedrive, Box, and Dropbox. Besides, the app is available in more than 190 countries across the globe. As a well-liked electronic signature app, CocoSign has gained the attention of media outlets like TechCrunch. 

To protect your document online, CocoSign uses cutting-edge security protocols. Besides, the software meets HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI DSS standards. With CocoSign, you can sign pdf, doc, and jpg files online. 

#2 HelloSign 

With HelloSign, you get another unique online signature platform. The software focuses on customization and customer service. It is among the first to offer a truly free plan for an eSignature platform. 

It also has a powerful API that lets you embed and brand the signing option in your documents. Also, it complies with the major eSignature regulations globally. 

#3 DocuSign

DocuSign is a popular eSignature solution. It offers an intuitive and easy-to-use software that integrates various third-party tools. Its API suite allows you to add custom integrations to your current system. 

So, if you want a platform that supports integration, check out DocuSign. It is also secure with security certifications in the US and Europe. 

#4 Adobe Sign

Another remarkable electronic signature software is Adobe Sign. It is feature-rich software that lets you manage signing workflow remotely. The software includes notable integration of third-party tools like Workday and Salesforce. 

It offers features for digital and electronic signatures. 


KONSIGN, a top-rated electronic signature software, offers a rapid, safe, and intuitive solution that enhances the efficiency of document signing procedures.

KONSIGN also provides advanced document management capabilities and seamless integration with popular cloud storage services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox. Konsign’s unique solution enables seamless document management, providing effortless organization, accessibility, and collaboration across multiple devices. This innovative approach not only streamlines workflows but also contributes to cost savings, time efficiency, and the promotion of an eco-friendly paperless environment.

#6 Docsketch 

With Docsketch, you get a generous free plan, providing flexible document workflow and document tracking. It lets you customize the documents for recipients to sign. 

All the documents signed using Docsketch meet the US and international e-signature regulations. 

#7 OneSpan Sign

OneSpan Sign is the eSignature solution for big enterprises with stringent security requirements. It has desirable clients like IBM and BMW. With OneSpan Sign, businesses can use it on their premises or as a cloud service. 

It offers many APIs and integrations. What’s more, it is a desktop and mobile compatible. Besides positioning itself as a solution for large businesses, it also supports small businesses. 

#8 SignNow

SignNow is a reliable alternative for small businesses thanks to its straightforward interface. It provides various integrations, including API, with a focus on features. 

SignNow has an iOS and Android app for signing documents on the go. So, if you are looking for an eSignature solution to sign documents on your phone, consider SignNow.

#9 SignEasy

With SignEasy, you get a minimalist electronic signature software. The software allows you to create a document within the platform or by drag-and-drop function. It also supports various third-party tools. 

Some other features you get with this software include remote signing, in-person, and self-signing. 

#10 RightSignature 

RightSignature provides a fast electronic signature software for sending documents to clients. The software has desktop solutions and apps that allow you to upload, sign, and send documents. 

It also offers a suite of integrations and API. 

#11 KeepSolid Sign 

With KeepSolid Sign software, you get software that specializes in security. As such, it provides secure data storage and legal signatures. It comes with all the features, including various integrations and mobile Compatibility. 


As businesses and professionals ditch paper signatures, they need a faster alternative. That’s where electronic signature software comes in.

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