Electronic Shelf Labels : Make Retail Store’s Great Again

electronic shelf labels

A great technological change is taking place around us – this shift of technology immediately affects the consumer and the seller alike. Many retail investors have already embraced the change with Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs), but many are still hesitant to become a part of this transformation in the retail store world.

Out of many benefits, the chief advantage a store owner gets with ELSs is the total control over the pricing modifications on every shelf of the store. Unlike paper tags, which takes hours of hard work to update the pricing on every shelf. Digital tags can be updated through a computer, with only a few clicks on the system. To ensure the seamless operation and integration of these digital tags, it’s essential to partner with a reliable electronic components distributor for high quality components and technical support.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the most obscure benefits of installing digital shelves in your retails store. And how can they give you an edge over your competitors?


Ease in the Process

When you own a retail store, you know price changes are often time-sensitive – if you are using paper price tags and you have thousands of products to update, it seems like an impossible task. Further, you can read the advantages of this advanced tech at SES-Imagotag’s website and clear all your doubts.

As mentioned above, with digital price tags you can take advantage of price agility and accomplish this task in no time. ESLs enables you to update prices and promos on any of the products in just a few seconds.

Keeps Your Inventory Fresh

Paper tags can make your inventory look old and obsolete. They can easily fall off the shelf, causing confusion and discourages your customers from visiting your store again. At the same time, digital price tags are affixed on your store shelves. It makes it easier to spot inventory stockouts and assure better compliance with the planogram. This means you can update the prices of your products before they expire to avoid customer complaints and keep your inventory fresh.

Collects Data from Its Surroundings

Many digital tags come with a technology that has sensors to detect additional information like, temperature and notify you in case your refrigeration levels reach a dangerous level. This gives you the possibility to fix the problem before it happens, saving you from spoiled products and diminishing the profit margin of your store.

Embrace the Future

A study reveals that 64 percent of shoppers believe a store with digital price tags provides better customer services than those with paper tags (conducted by KPMG). And there are multiple reasons for that, ESLs provides customers with a better user experience, ease of access, similar prices to what they see in the online stores, it builds trust in your customers, and much more. It gives you a better chance of increasing your revenues and tackling your competitors.

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The Wrap-Up

Electronic Shelf Labels gives your customers the experience they need to get an optimal buying experience from a retail store. The big names of the industry have already adopted this welcome change for the good of their customers. With all these benefits you can turn your store into a high-tech consumer-friendly place.


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