The Rise of Artificial Intelligence: The Ongoing Debate


The discussions around artificial intelligence and what these modern technologies will be able to do and how the widespread use of AI is changing the way we live is a topical issue at the moment. Reactions have come from all quarters. As AI at Work becomes more widespread and professional, divisions in the industry have also begun to arise between those who oppose it and those who support its continued development.

This article presents a discussion on the rise of AI and why it is the hot topics of ongoing debate.

What it is Artificial Intelligence & its Recent Rise?

Machines copying human behavior and simulating human intelligence have always been one of the main aims of those at the cutting edge of information technology. Artificial intelligence is a field of IT based on deep learning and machine learning, where computer systems and programs are able to learn from experience and are trained to solve a specific set of industry-related problems. 


AI has recently been used in e-commerce, medical applications, and cyber security, but its uses are expanding all the time and it’s worth knowing a little bit about it if you are to participate and understand the debate.

Some of the top uses of artificial intelligence

  • Personalized shopping: AI is able to make personalized shopping recommendations, and in this way, e-commerce revenues can be increased dramatically. AI-driven personalization is also used to run personalized customer communication and marketing. AI shopping assistants in virtual shops or chatbots on e-commerce websites are now the norm and the way of the future for e-commerce as a whole.
  • E-commerce fraud prevention with AI: No longer are huge numbers of employees needed to double and triple check transactions, instead it’s computers and algorithms that note, track, record, and report on any financial and transactional irregularities. It’s also the AI programs that are able to authorize payments, purchases, and expenditure based on previous spending and a history of learnt and recorded shopping behavior.
  • AI in education: AI is being used to write and mark assessments. Many people are now asking what is ChatGPt? as education news and education writers have been awash with stories of how this form of AI is changing the face of education. It provides the ability to ask a question and not only receive a cogent unique answer, but also to create longer pieces of text that have been written by AI with little input from the learner. It is a revolution for learning and will change how we learn and teach.

The AI issues people are concerned about

  • Transparency or the lack thereof: because the internal workings of the computer system or model aren’t always known by the user and can’t always be interpreted, there is a level of the unknown.
  • Fairness and ethics: based on who’s designed the AI solution, there is a high likelihood of the AI then being somewhat discriminatory in its use and practices. Recent research has even shown that certain AI applications may serve to perpetuate the designers’ racial stereotypes when choosing characteristics and assigning responsibilities based on race and other demographic data.

This has been a very brief synopsis of AI and its ongoing rise in the world of business, entertainment, and more. The ability to have computer systems designed and set up to think and act like humans and then to possibly add ethics and some level of morality is the future of AI and computing as a whole. 

The last point to make is that any AI system will only be as good, as fair and as ethical as the people who have designed it and will only work and learn within these design parameters. It is thus all about what’s put in, that will determine what we get out from AI.

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