Top 4 Networking Solutions to Consider for Your 2024 Business Strategy

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It’s never too early to start planning your 2024 business strategy. With the year gradually drawing to a close, now is the best time to start thinking about the new year. It is critical that we make it a point not to repeat the mistakes made in 2022, especially if one of those mistakes was not having a network or digital security solution.

Network and digital security are critical for any organization that operates in the 21st Century, as they define and ensure the continued existence of your business. With the rate of enterprise security breaches increasing, digital security strategies will be vital to business operations in the coming year. With this in mind, here are four of the top digital and networking solutions to consider.

Top Networking Solutions

1. DLP Solutions

The primary goal of a DLP (Data Loss Protection) solution is to protect sensitive data by preventing loss through accidental or malicious means. DLP, as the name implies, focuses on protecting data within the corporate network.


As a result, it seeks to mitigate the risk posed by insider threats as well as malicious third parties infiltrating your network and attempting to export data. The term “insider threat” can refer to both bad actors with malicious intent and employees who are negligent in their actions, putting the organization at risk. 

2. Email Security

Email is the most common attack vector today because it is one of the most popular communication channels for businesses. Email is being accessed via multiple devices and from various locations (home, office, on the go, etc.), resulting in a “converged device landscape” for email use.

When accessing emails, employees frequently inadvertently click on links to malware-hosting websites or, worse, install malicious content directly to the device without realizing it, which is then sent as attachments to others.

Email security solutions help to prevent the malware from getting into your email, and if it manages to do so, the security tools help shut them down when you click on the links, alerting you to the presence of malware.

3. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and SSL Certificates

With PKI, you can encrypt and sign data using a system of procedures, tools, and regulations. PKI management involves the use of digital certificates to verify the identity of users, devices, or services. These security certificates establish a secure connection for both public web pages and private systems.

Private PKI enables you to generate your own private SSL certificates based on a unique intermediate root, which is frequently maintained by a publicly trusted Certificate Authority (CA).

SSL certificates are used to establish a secure connection between the client and the server. To prevent eavesdropping, data such as credit card numbers, account login information, and other sensitive information are sent along this encrypted channel.

This protects the information you provide to websites from being stolen. It is important to note that the life cycles of all SSL certificates deployed within a network must be tracked by an SSL certificate manager, from deployment and renewal to usage and expiration. 

4. Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

A CASB vendor essentially assists you in protecting data on someone else’s system. It acts as a bridge between cloud service providers and cloud service consumers, enforcing security and governance policies for cloud applications and allowing enterprises to extend on-premises policies to the cloud.

With employees constantly choosing convenience over security, CASBs address this need by only allowing employees and partners to use approved cloud services and ensuring they avoid high-risk ones.

Make Digital Network Security Solutions a Priority for 2024

Network security should be prioritized in your business strategy for 2024, as predictions show that attacks on organizations’ networks will only worsen. Get ahead of the curve and protect your organization; preventing attacks is less expensive than combating them.

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