Top 8 SDWAN Vendors in Market for Enterprise Networks

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The SDWAN or software defined wide-area -network is a specialized application of SDN technology applied to wide area network (WAN) connections like 4G, broadband Internet, MPLS or LTE. SDWAN solution helps to meet an organizations objective of security, WAN performance and cost-reduction. Further, SD-WAN decouples the network from the management plane and abstracts management and monitoring functions from hardware. Other key benefits which SD-Wan solution render are centralized management (including configuration) of WAN and time saving features like Zero touch provisioning.

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If you are seeking a quality input over some of the best SDWAN vendors in the market then you are certainly at the right place. Here, on the basis of network performance, security, ease of application and long term affordability, we have ranked top 8 SDWAN vendors in market for enterprise networks.


  1. VMware: This company offers computing and virtualization software. It is a Dell Technologies subsidiary. With the server virtualization of VMware, the physical server is installed with a hypervisor that allows running of multiple VMs (Virtual Machines) on the similar physical server. Vmware offering of VeloCloud has global presence of appliances which makes it possible to make customer premise and Cloud communication one of the best experience for customers. Velocloud SD-WAN solution was acquired by Vmware in late 2017

  2. Cisco (Viptela & Meraki): It is another top ranked SDWAN vendor in the market specializing in cloud software solutions and has extensive experience in the field of cloud managed network solutions, especially SDWAN maintenance and deployment. The company is highly proficient in businesses scalable software defined wide-area -network enterprise solutions. One of the key USPs of the services offered by this company is the range of cloud based tools it offers to the customers in order to manage their products. Cisco SDWAN is primarily sold in market with 2 flavours Meraki (MX family products) and Viptela (vEDGE family products) which cater to different type of customer network environments.

  3. Silver Peak: Products for WANs (Wide Area Networks) are developed by this company including Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) and WAN optimization. The company delivers true transformational cloud promise with its unique model of business-first networking. Starting its journey from a WAN Optimization company, Silver peak has taken great leaps in transforming to SDWAN leader (Gartner leaders Quadrant in year 2018 and 2019) and has been giving very tough competition to VMware and Cisco.

  4. Fortinet: This Company is working with the vision of offering high performing, truly integrated and broad security athwart IT infrastructure. For providing the customers with exceptional performance, proven security and better control and visibility with easier administration, it combines applied threat intelligence and the intuitive operating system. The approach that it offers is therefore integrated, broad and automated.

  5. Aryaka: The Company is a top ranked SDWAN vendor in market when it comes to enterprise service based SDWAN technology. The key USP of the company network is that it functions on combined technologies. The firms hiring the private networks of Aryaka can avail interoperability with cloud platforms in conjunction with the acceleration techniques, and frequent off-the-shelf service solutions resulting in a quality SDWAN function.

  6. Citrix: This is the SDWAN vendor in the market that offers complete solution of WAN edge with consistent delivery of superior experience and high performance of cloud, SaaS and virtual applications. During the same time, it also helps in reducing costs of network, increasing agility and offers network performance visibility as well. It is therefore regarded as the vendor offering automated and most comprehensive solutions.

  7. Huawei: This is the company that has adapted as per the demands of its customers showing the flexibility that has helped it in making better and enhanced products. The SDWAN of Huawei is capable of connecting all the nodes of the enterprise network. It is possible for the branches to establish connecting to the headquarters, other branches, to cloud and to data centres.

  8.  Riverbed SD-WAN: The third spot goes to Riverbed cloud networking company which specializes in SDWAN deployment. One of the USPs due to which the company has been ranked high in our list is its speciality to overlay new and enhanced SDWAN systems on the top of an existing network infrastructure. The task reduces disruption during the deployment phase. The company also says that because of intuitive software tools, the Riverbed products follow a gentle learning curve to function more efficiently for the enterprise as the time goes by. Riverbed’s Steelconnect product family caters to Agile, fast and secured SD-WAN solution by providing flexibility at WAN front for your complex enterprise network.

The SDWAN vendors that we have ranked in our list are pioneers in specialized type of WAN service. There are vendors offering a range of cloud based tools, while others are coming with gentle learning curve technology. Additionally, there are vendors combining technologies to offer off-the-shelf solutions, while others focusing on both optimization and security.

Now, with this brief information on each among the top 8 SDWAN vendors in market, it is expected to be much easier for you to make the prudent decision of choosing networking partner as per the goals and needs of your enterprise.


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