Will SD-WAN replace MPLS?

A very frequently asked question by the customers is: Will SD- WAN really replaces the MPLS for the business private data networking? As there are many views or opinions on this topic, we would like to first talk on some facts. In accordance with the recent study, 29% of IT companies have deployed or going to deploying the SD-WAN within the next 1 year. Thus, 62% of those IT leaders are saying that their investment in MPLS will remain unchanged or increase in coming the next 2 years. It is undeniable as the companies are moving towards the software defined networking and though we anticipate more development in the rate of adoption over the next few years. Hence, MPLS is not going to vanish anywhere anytime soon.

Now, the question arises Why? See a closer look at the features of SD-WAN and MPLS that will create each technology an effective solution that depend on the situation. To give a framework for this debate let’s make two assumptions:

  1. Two Internet circuits are used by the SD-WAN, one a cable broadband service and another one is a carrier grade dedicated Internet service.
  2. Single service provider is utilized by the MPLS network, a carrier grade with service level agreements.

Delivery of Packet

The correct SD-WAN arrangement utilizing the correct design can give packet conveyance execution like that of MPLS. While a carrier grade MPLS system will offer packet conveyance in the 99.9% territory, SD-WAN can utilize strategies to moderate packet loss, contingent upon the supplier and basic innovation.

 Application Performance and Prioritization

To prioritize the application over shared network resources is one of the key benefits of a private networks. By using the right SD-WAN solution can help to simplify the task of managing the performance and prioritizing applications. But in the case of MPLS, it delivers the more certainty with regards to high priority application performance.

When prioritization of application is performed by SD-WAN network, there is no surety of the Internet that it will honour the desired prioritization. The prioritization of the packet s will be done when they leave one end. Whereas, in the case of MPLS network, entire network is honoured by the QoS. That means that what is prioritized on one end stays prioritized across the network to the far end.

When it comes to MPLS, reliability and predictability is liked by the IT professionals.


In terms of security, MPLS networks are extremely secure. The system itself doesn’t contact the open Internet. Now, every business needs to get to the web. What’s more, where it does, security must be considered. In any case, MPLSis extremely secure. Since SD-WAN uses the Internet to course private traffic, organizations must join arrange security over the top to fight off dangers. Luckily, SD-WAN arrangements offer coordinated next generation security with unfied threat management that utilizes a similar analytics, appliance and control board as the SD-WAN arrangement.This gives security at every area on the WAN while giving an adaptable control, reporting platform and analytics for the network administrator.


With access link of two Internet, assuming that they are from various suppliers, SD-WAN proposes a basic and incredible approach to improve dependability. A solitary MPLS access link is substantially more prone to encounter anoutage, however not as a result of any attribute of MPLS that makes it innately less reliable. Or maybe, when your traffic utilizes a solitary connection, your business is helpless before that one circuit. On the off chance that it goes down, you go down.

Various organizations back up their MPLS systems utilizing a solution of failover for an Internet connection utilizing BGP, and a VPN to recover access to the private system. However, for what reason would you need to pay for reinforcements that might not have a lot other use? The SD-WAN arrangement depends on two completely dynamic Internet connections and knows about the nature of the two ways consistently.Contingent upon the SD-WAN arrangement configuration, even a call would not be interfered.

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