Top Blockchain Certification Courses to Land a Six-Figure Job in 2024

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Blockchain has emerged as a prominent driver for job prospects in the tech industry. The number of blockchain jobs continues growing year over year by huge margins, exceeding 300%. It is also important to note that blockchain professionals could earn average annual salaries ranging between $110,000 and $325,000, according to their skills. Most important of all, you should also notice the futuristic vision for blockchain and web3 technologies. 

If you are interested in pursuing a career in blockchain, you would need blockchain certification programs for an easier journey. One of the foremost problems for beginners who want to learn blockchain skills is the confusion regarding choice of certifications. The following post helps you with an overview of blockchain certifications that can help you earn six-figure salaries as blockchain professionals.

How Can You Choose Blockchain Certifications for Your Career?

Blockchain training courses offer an effective start to your journey of learning about blockchain technology concepts. On the other hand, you could find many entries among the top blockchain certifications for professionals. Therefore, you might have to go through some confusion before selecting the best certification for your blockchain career goals. 


You can find the ideal certification for your career requirements by checking the topics covered in the certification. In addition, it is important to learn how they contribute to your career development. Most important of all, you should choose certifications that help you learn how to implement your skills in real projects. 

Top Blockchain Certification Courses

Which Certifications Can Support Your Career in Blockchain?

Candidates preparing for blockchain job roles should note the necessity of learning a wide range of topics on blockchain technology. You can broaden your blockchain skill and knowledge by pursuing different certification training courses. Interestingly, you can find a favorable solution to your search with the following certifications. 

  • Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional

The Certified Blockchain Professional certification gives the opportunity to learn about business use cases of blockchain. It is a valuable training resource for candidates seeking roles such as blockchain consultant. 

  • Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect

The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect credential is one of the best blockchain certifications for aspiring blockchain developers. CEBA certification training course dives into the structure of smart contracts and architecture of blockchain applications. The certification also proves your skills in selecting the ideal blockchain systems according to the desired use cases of clients. 

  • Certified Blockchain Security Expert

The Certified Blockchain Security Expert or CBSE certification could be an interesting addition to your portfolio as a blockchain professional. It is one of the unique blockchain certification courses focused on blockchain security and best practices for secure blockchain development. The CBSE certification also helps you in mastering the approaches for vulnerability assessment and threat modeling.

  • Certified NFT Professional

The Certified NFT Professional or CNFTP certification is also another promising addition to the career path of blockchain experts. Non-fungible tokens are a crucial component of the emerging web3 landscape, and NFT skills could make you a valuable asset for employers. The CNFTP certification covers the fundamentals of NFTs, their origins and evolution, their working, and how to create and trade NFTs.

  • Certified Metaverse Professional

The Certified Metaverse Professional certification is a recommended blockchain certification for candidates with a vision for future-proof career opportunities. Its CMP certification covers crucial topics, such as the technology behind metaverse and best practices for interacting with the metaverse. 

  • Certified Web3 Professional      

The list of blockchain certifications also includes the Certified Web3 Professional certification. It is the first web3 certification that helps you prepare for future blockchain jobs in the web3 ecosystem. The CW3P certification can add value to your resume as a blockchain expert with the ability to adapt to web3 technologies. 


The interesting thing about the blockchain certifications is the emphasis on core topics in the blockchain world. You should notice how the certifications help you prepare for different roles while strengthening your blockchain expertise. The average blockchain developer salary is in six figures for entry-level roles. 

Therefore, you must prepare to invest additional effort in learning blockchain skills that would help businesses. For example, you could be a blockchain developer and learn blockchain security principles for creating secure dApps.

Similarly, you can use a web3 certification training course to future-proof your career. 

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