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A VLAN is a group of switch ports administratively configured to share the same broadcast domain.

Private VLANs – 

Private VLANs (PVLANs) are used mainly by service providers. The main purpose of Private VLAN (PVLAN) is to provide the ability to isolate hosts at Layer 2 instead of Layer 3. By using PVLAN we are splitting that domain into some smaller broadcast domains. In other words we may summarize Private VLAN asVLANs in VLAN “.

Below tables enlists the difference between both:

Comparison Table: VLAN vs Private VLAN

1Different Vlans must belong to different IP subnets.
PVLANs belong to the same IP subnet
2Vlan works in Layer 2 and Layer 3
PVLAN is method to segment device at layer 2
3Vlan is the basic requirement for all LAN
PVLANs are required for specific requirements wherein endpoints of same VLAN should not communicate to each other. E.g. – Mainly in ISP scenarios to prevent different customer from communicating to each other on same LAN segment.
4Intervlan communication is performed at L3 SVI level
PVLAN to outside communication is performed via Primary VLAN.

Download the difference table:  VLAN vs Private VLAN.

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