For enthusiasts new to IP Networking terminology, VLAN and IP Subnet terms may look confusing.Many times in technical discussions things like Inter VLAN communication, interchangeably using terms like VLAN A / VLAN B or Subnet A/Subnet B are used. This further adds salt to the wound.

So, let’s have brief on terminologies of VLAN and IP Subnet and how both differ from each other.

A VLAN is a layer 2 term, usually referring to a broadcast domain. Layer 2 is where Post to Post Links II error: Unrecognized type: ”slug” are used.A subnet is a layer 3 term. Layer 3 is the IP layer where IP addresses as used.Although one can have more than one subnet or address range per VLAN, it is recommended that VLANs and Subnets are 1 to 1. In general we will have a 1:1 mapping of subnets and vlans i.e. One subnet per VLAN.

Below table shares the difference between VLAN and Subnet terms –



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