What Businesses May Need Quick Software Development

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Need of Software Development

Software development is usually associated with long project timeframes because software products require in-depth testing, analysis, and a series of upgrades. However, not all businesses have the time to wait and need quick solutions to tackle specific business challenges. Below are the examples of businesses that have a high demand for quick software development teams and DevOps solutions company services and why.

Software development

Online Stores

Online stores are ever-evolving projects that require a series of software upgrades all year long. The purpose of any online store is to generate as many sales every month as possible to keep growing, so frequent improvements are needed to keep up with the demands of users. 

The process involves:


  • monitoring of user behavior patterns to identify the least effective spots and sequences on the website;
  • regular testing of different hypotheses to figure out what solution works best in the end. 

In most cases, there’s no time to wait for cumbersome updates, so all the tweaks are released and tested on the platform in real-time to avoid any interruptions in sales pipelines. 

That’s where quick-releasing web development and data analysis teams come in super-handy. They have access to version history and an array of analytical tools to quickly spot any weaknesses and perform ongoing improvements regularly. 


SaaS Platforms

Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms are increasingly growing in demand and competition, so their development teams need to play rough and keep polishing the features and interfaces all the time. The purpose is to retain regular customers and become more appealing to newcomers, so the process involves an uninterrupted analysis of user web behavior patterns and competitor actions to deliver the right updates on time. 


Online Games

In the case of online games, the sequence of quick updates must never stop to deliver the best experience to players. Bugs, artifacts, and interface imperfections have to be tracked based on internal testing and gaming community feedback 24/7, while the updates have to be released without interrupting or changing the gaming process dramatically, yet making it more compelling. Besides, gamers need new features and content regularly to stay interested in the product and return to the game over and over. 


Mobile Apps

Today we rarely notice how an app update is downloaded and installed as it all happens in the background, but it’s important not to underestimate the value of these updates. Every new button and feature requires very quick and high-quality input from the dedicated development team to retain clients and make the app more appealing to the target audience. This process involves on-the-go analysis of user feedback, behavior patterns, and competitors’ moves regarding the same problems. A development team needs to come up with solutions and publish new stable versions without excessive testing and be ready to react to any new problems very fast. 


Data Science Projects

Data science teams rarely create software for the major public, but their “invisible” programs fuel up the entire market with up-to-date data that helps companies develop in the right way. To keep up with the needs of the market, data science teams must implement new custom data analysis solutions very fast based on the client’s needs and the amount of input data. Information has a tendency to become outdated very fast in many cases, so these teams have to literally race with the time to provide the client with an informational product that has the expected value.


Does Your Business Need Quick Development?

Now that you know in which cases a quick software development team is of high value, you can analyze the demands of your business thoroughly to understand whether you need such a team to keep up with the market. What kinds of custom software does your business use? Does it require quick improvements regularly? 


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