What is Linux Lite?

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Introduction to Linux Lite

In the IT industry, we define the term Linux Lite, a Linux distribution, based on Debian and Ubuntu releases, created by scientists with Jerry Bezencon as the team leader.

This particular version of Linux provides the most lightweight desktop experience using a customized Xfce desktop environment. It also includes a set of applications written as Lite as possible in order to provide an easier user experience for beginners.

The initial abstract strategy for Linux Lite distribution was designed to make the transition from Microsoft Windows users to a Linux-based environment as smooth as possible (especially to users with no longer supported versions). 


Similar to other Linux distributions, Lite follows the Unix philosophy as well, in regards to the software selection and programming as it applies to the modern history of computing.

Linux Lite Features and Characteristics

The distribution of Linux Lite gives as a first impression, a fully functional out of the box OS. This means that the user won’t need to install extra software when using the computer for the first time. The most essential features are addressed below:

  • User Support: One very appealing advantage of Linux Lite is that the user can get support from the official website when needed. The user can also join a large forum community for timely support, and fetch information through the comprehensive built in Help Manual Documentation.


  • Built-In Security: Another advanced feature of Linux Lite distribution is the built in highly configurable Firewall that provides to the user with high level of network security precaution measures. Furthermore, the security update notifications bar on the Desktop, keeps the user informed about the local computer’s overall Security.


  • Desktop Interface: In Linux Lite, the user will find Xfce desktop environment very clean and familiar to most OS’s layout. The resources are allocated in a very advanced way, with easy access to the menu, system settings and generally navigation around the Desktop is simple and intuitive.


  • Office Compatibility: Another advantage of this distribution is the fact that the user will find preinstalled LibreOffice software. It is a package with MS Office compatibility features for documents, spreadsheets, presentations and diagrams without paying any monthly or annual subscriptions.


  • Picture Management: A highly remarkable feature of Linux Lite is the embedded tools for Picture editing and viewing. The user has the ability to turn images to something special without the need to download extra software.


  • Internet and Email: The Linux Lite distribution offers Internet browsing services with Firefox as the default internet explorer application, with synching passwords option available if needed for every user. For email composition and management options, the user will find Thunderbird as the primary application and DropBox for convenient Cloud Backups.


  • Multimedia Files: In addition, the Linux Lite distribution offers advanced multimedia support for the user by default. The VLC application, as the No 1 option in the IT community, will be able to play and visualize any kind of files such as movies and songs without the need for paying for codecs and software.


  • System Tools: Finally, Linux Lite offers in-house built in applications such as Lite Tweaks and Lite Software, that will equip any user with all the tools needed to maintain and enhance system’s experience and performance.


As a conclusion to this article, we summarized that the user doesn’t have to use lightweight distros of Linux only when is in possession of some aging slow hardware. There are many reasons why someone may want to use a lightweight Linux distro. There are quite a number of them that are available such as faster GUI, faster response and security precautions. 

The most well known Linux Lite distribution has been addressed above to this article and all the available features that are included. Hopefully, in the future releases the IT community would like to see improvements concerning hardware compatibility such as driver implementation for all the available hardware. Furthermore, government funding projects should start supporting Linux Lite versions with scientists for online support.

Finally, we encourage users to try Linux Mint distribution for every day and professional work with any computer available and keep in mind that security and simplicity is the main advantage of any UNIX based OS. 

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