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Angular is a JavaScript framework for the development of complex and highly loaded websites and web systems, as well as applications for iOS and Android, as the basis of Ionic technology. Angular is an open-source development by Google, one of the three most popular javascript frameworks.

Angular is a universal interface development environment with a template for MVC design, built on TypeScript, with which you can write productive applications with a minimum of errors.

What are Framework and MVC

The Angular framework is a working environment for creating software products that simplify writing code and makes it structured. Each framework is a skeleton that contains a set of rules for building an assembly. Angular development also includes a compiler, libraries, toolkits, and APIs for connecting services — in general, large fragments of ready-made code, from which it is easier to assemble a ready-made solution for various tasks.


MVC (Model-View-Controller) is a program data division scheme. According to it, the Controller interprets the user’s action and notifies the Model. It changes the state according to its commands, and the View displays these changes to the user. This logic allows you to modify each component independently of the others — it is what Angular is based on.


Why Should You Choose Angular for Developing Your Web Application?

Experienced Developers

Angular had and still has a high entry barrier — programmers need to know not only basic JavaScript but also its TypeScript extension. This language works to improve the structure of the code, which means it speeds up its writing and error detection. In addition, developers should understand the enormous capabilities of built-in libraries, such as RxJs, on top of which Angular was created, and also learn how to use them so as not to overload the project. Those who know how to do this create incredibly powerful, functional, and productive web applications, while others will simply offer you to choose another framework. 

A Framework for Everything

The main advantage of Angular is its clear structure, which is ideal for large projects. It has more tools out of the box than other frameworks along with custom solutions. Along with this, you’ll get a set of rules, syntax, and scripts to follow to make connections and components work correctly. Angular is praised by all developers who have to manage one or several teams, it is strict and structured internally, which optimizes collaboration, but does not limit the implementation of the most unusual functions.

Security and Scalability

Many functions out of the box mean that developers will not have to connect third-party solutions, the code will be cleaner, and its reliability is many times higher. As a responsive framework, Angular includes ways to create services, modules, and components — making it easier for developers to understand the structure of a project and scale it when needed with minimal resource consumption.

Compatibility of Versions

Google updates Angular every six months, but you don’t have to worry about even major changes — all add-ons are automatically pulled into your project. In each of the past updates, significant disadvantages of the framework were fixed, and even more, improvements are planned, so it can be called the best solution for a serious project with a development strategy. In addition, there are not as many custom solutions for Angular as for its competitors, since Google, in particular, is engaged in modernization and improvements. 

Why do Developers Choose Angular


Static-type assignments and support for using full classes make development faster and code more readable and reusable. In addition, Typescript can find errors at the input stage, thereby reducing debugging time.

Console Client

The CLI system makes it easier to learn the capabilities of the framework, and immediately generates an application template where you can conduct tests.

Modular Architecture

The application code will consist of many modules, each of which implements the solution of a certain function. Standard Angular modules and custom modules written by developers specifically for the project can be loaded as needed, which increases the optimization of the web application.


Angular is the best JavaScript framework for large projects and loaded web applications with complex business logic. It should be chosen if you are faced with large-scale and non-standard tasks. Angular is a set of tools with which you can bring any idea to life and ensure that it will work quickly and stably.

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