How to Win More Customers as an IT Firm

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If you’re a firm that offers B2B IT services, you’ll know that you’re well positioned to meet future demand and to make huge profits from business’ reliance on digital technology that they don’t necessarily understand. Still, you’ll be operating in a busy marketplace of other IT service providers, and you might feel that you’re being outcompeted and outmuscled by larger or more established firms. This guide is all about how you can win more customers for your firm, building up a portfolio that establishes you as a significant player in the B2B IT services sector. 

How to Win More Customers as an IT Firm

Ways to Win More Customers


There’s no doubt that marketing is of chief importance if you feel that you’re not touching the sides when it comes to stretching your workers and getting access to the most lucrative contracts. By marketing effectively, you’ll be placed in front of more eyeballs that make decisions which could eventually lead to your firm being contacted by another firm. That means targeting your advertising to those people you think might be most interested in your firm’s services.

This will depend on who you’re looking to trade with. If you’re targeting small businesses, then you might do best to advertise on smaller platforms that small businesses are likely to visit. If you’re after larger firms, then you should instead pump a lot of cash into widespread marketing to increase your brand visibility and recognition. 



There’s another side to marketing that should be mentioned before we move on, and that’s SEO. Now, if you type into Google “IT services” you may have to scroll through several pages of results before you find your company. That’s natural, because there are thousands of IT services companies and to finish on the first page would mean to be a global leader in the field. But still, you can always work a little harder to find ways in which you can feature higher on Google’s search results. 

We’ll not dwell on the specific techniques involved in SEO, other than to say that it may be worth reading up on key SEO techniques or bringing in the services of an SEO company. Because so many firms rely on Google introductions to decide who they’ll work with or which software they’ll partner with, it’s clear that the better your position on Google’s search engine results pages, the more traffic, interest and sales you’ll make. 


Another way in which you can influence how many clients you secure is by simply delivering an excellent service to your existing clients. This is absolutely fundamental to your growth, as a firm that offers a service that isn’t satisfactory will quickly be found out and marginalized. Word of mouth advertising, by which firms either deride your firm or praise it, is a seriously important aspect to your entire marketing drive. Make sure you’re delivering excellence so that your reputation for great service proceeds you. 

You should also ask to gather testimonials from your current clients, which you can plaster all over your website and on your social media channels. Of course, those that respond are likely to be willing to praise your firm and your service. These testimonials will help those that have strayed onto your website to see that your firm is trustworthy and delivering a satisfactory or exemplary service to its customers. 

Sales Increase

There are many methods by which you can increase sales, and many of them are codified in official strategies that might be useful to your firm. For instance, there’s the MEDDIC strategy for increasing your exposure and generating important leads for your business, and that’s proven by many firms to have a significant impact on their eventual partnerships and client list. You can access a MEDDIC guide online to see how companies are leveraging this technique to better their firm’s position. 

Sales success for a service company is all about generating leads. You’ll know that the leads which are most valuable to you are those that expose you to firms that are struggling to manage their IT, and that are actively looking for firms that help them resolve issues, maintain their infrastructure, and help them become more efficient. Sales drives that help you find these leads are vital if you’re to win more customers as an IT firm. 


Another strategy used by many firms across the world is to offer limited-time discounts on their services, or other incentives to give your firm a try. For instance, firms often offer a short free trial period to help businesses build confidence in the services that they’re offering. This isn’t to say that this is the right way for your firm to operate but it’s important for people to be able to see a demonstration of the kind of work that you can do for them. 

Whenever you’re considering a discount strategy, it’s important to first look at your financial metrics to see what you can afford to initiate. You should always ensure you’re turning a profit and that you’re able to pay your staff and not slip into debt. Still, taking a risk on offering lower rates to build up your client base could be a savvy way to differentiate from your competitors. 

New Services

Sometimes, you’ll discover that a news software program or a new business operation creates a new market for your IT skills. You might be able to introduce a new service to help firms manage one of their new software systems – and these new systems are being released every week. You could also research Google search terms to see what many businesses are looking for when it comes to IT services, before developing a business arm that caters towards those needs.

By differentiating via your services, you’ll have the ability to take on business that your competitors are not yet aware of, establishing yourself in a number of niches that could ultimately drive profits for your firm in the long term. Consider how you can broaden your services list in order to appeal to more businesses online. 

Generate new leads and impress your existing customers by initiating one of more of the tips outlined above. 

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