10 Advantages Of Having Fax From Your iPhone

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Transportation of fax machine in mobile

The features of mobile gadgets have no limits. Here comes a question: can you fax a document from your phone? Fax documentation is still relevant for many organizations and businesses worldwide. However, fax machines have become uneconomic, archaic, and perform poor security levels.

The need to share documents has still remained. Modern technologies such as fax from phone allow excellent opportunities even when you need to transport documentation not very frequently and provide maximal convenience. Learn from the article about all perks of using fax from iPhone for advancement and security.

Benefits of having a fax application on your mobile

The functionality of mobile phones does not have borders. Now the capacity of mobile phones allows even replacing fax machines for documentation, photographs, and receipts transportation. Have a look at the valuable advantages of faxing files from the app: 



  1. Proper file storage without damage. The modern world rejects using paper due to its high costs. The fax app allows immediate delivery of files to the recipient. Thanks to the secure system, you can receive faxes easily, excluding the necessity to use the services of a post office. 
  2. Order in your catalog. Storing the files in electronic versions is convenient. You can easily find the necessary files. Navigate your archives almost effortlessly.
  3. The speediness of files receiving regardless of their size: although file sharing via emails is still well spread, large files will not come through due to system limitations or in case of exceeding the free storage space of a recipient. iOS apps are a perfect solution for sending large files and timely delivery. Users can share the doc., .pdf, .png, and many other file formats without worrying about their size. 
  4. Inbuilt scanner. Thanks to the feature to make quick shots and crops, you can forget about preliminary document scanning (necessary for all fax equipment).  
  5. Evidence for court and other official institutions. While emails require an affidavit, fax is authentic. Using a fax app for juridical documentation sharing is the quickest way for all law workers.
  6. Easiness of signing. Official documentation often requires signing. Putting a digital signature releases you from the necessity to have a paper and pen. Use an electronic signature and proceed with the docs transfer quickly.
  7. Freedom of movement. While a specific location is vital for ordinary fax machines with the impossibility of frequent transportation, mobile devices broaden the horizons. With an iPhone in your pocket, you have a fax machine wherever you travel. Thanks to the easy scanning process, the app connected to the Internet provides equal sending and receiving capabilities as an office machine.
  8. Absence of busy signal. The most frequent problem for most fax machines is a busy signal when sending multiple files simultaneously. Usually, a sender needs to make several attempts to reach the goal. With iOS devices, users never collapse with a problem of a busy line which is crucial for smooth business running.
  9. Easiness of usage. Some faxing equipment requires skills to run the process quickly and smoothly. But you do not need any skills to use the intuitively understandable design of a fax app. The method of exchanging fax files via mobile is similar to email sending.
  10. Enhanced privacy protection: the encryption system allows access to the files for sender and receiver only. Using a secure Internet connection provides enough protection for your data.


Fax iOS apps are one of the most practical inventions that save time and money. Whether you are an employee in an organization or run a business, installing a fax application to your iPhone app collection is vital if you plan to swap the documents back and forth via fax.

Summing Up

Having all the best fax features on a smartphone is realizable. You can share the files on the go and whenever you need them without any specific equipment. Save your budget on faxing equipment, pens, packs of paper, and considerable space in your office by uploading the fax app from the App Store. 

Fax capacity applications will come in handy for individuals, business owners, and organizations. Enjoy the most crucial faxing functions without quality or connection failures that fax equipment performs frequently and remain environment friendly with iOS devices and trendy technologies!


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