3 Ways to Support your IT team

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Your IT team is probably relied upon a lot. Working in IT is notoriously stressful as the IT department is required to constantly solve issues that crop up. Most people that work in the rest of the business don’t know just how much work goes into solving one problem and making sure things are running smoothly.

Ways to Support IT team

IT teams have a lot on their plate and If you’re a boss or manager, it’s important to support them almost as much as they support you. Here are just a few ways in which you can do this.


1. Thank them

This might sound obvious, as you probably take time to thank all those that help you in your job. However, IT teams are often forgotten about if businesses are looking at how each department is doing.


If an IT team is doing a great job, it’s likely that it’s going unnoticed. IT team members are often only contacted by other members of the business when they are experiencing an issue. This means that if things are going well and running smoothly, it’s easy to not think about those in the IT department.

Making sure that you go out of your way to thank the IT team when they’ve done a good job, just like you would with any other department, can be one of the simplest yet most effective ways of supporting them.

When people feel valued, they often work better, and it truly benefits everyone.

2. Provide training

The world of IT is constantly changing and those who work in your IT team certainly know this. It’s important for anyone working in this industry to be properly trained and have their knowledge up to date.

Making sure that your IT team has access to this training can be a great way to support them, especially because it will also benefit the business overall. Something like cyber security courses can keep them up to date on everything they need to know and help them keep the business as safe as possible.

3. Train your other staff members

Training your other staff members on how to resolve even the smallest of IT issues can really help take the pressure off your IT team. Much of the time taken up by those working in IT is solving the day-to-day technical issues that the rest of the business experiences.

With just a small amount of training on some of the more minor and more common IT issues that your teams are experiencing, it can mean that they will solve it themselves if it happens again. By not having to rely on the IT team each time, they can focus on more important issues.

This is an incredible way to support your IT team, as it lets them know that you understand how valuable their time is and that you don’t want them to waste it.

The IT team is just as important, if not more, as any other department of a business and should really be supported where possible.

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