5 Best Apps to Help You Work Efficiently From Home

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The concept of remote work was not as common before as it has become after the Covid-19 pandemic. Remote work has proved to be beneficial for employees as they can balance their work and personal life better now. It has even bought so many benefits for the companies such as increased employee productivity.

The advancement in remote working has allowed us to gain insight into how to make our working situation away from the office more pleasant and enjoyable. But working from home can be distracting at times. To ensure a seamless workflow and effective communication despite the distance, you need to choose the right apps.

best Apps to Help You Work Efficiently From Home

List of Best Apps to Help You Work Efficiently From Home

Here are some tips to help you choose the best apps to help you work productively from home.


Tracking Work Time Apps

With the help of time-tracking apps like Clockify, freelancers or remote teams can track work hours easily. You can easily clock in and clock out using a time clock, enter work hours in an online worksheet, and track time with an automatic time tracker.

Such apps also allow you to check what your teammates are currently working on. Since you are tracking your time, it can help you calculate your hourly rate at the end of the week or month.

Project Management Platforms

To ensure that you work efficiently and productively, you need a good project management app like Plaky. It will allow you to optimize task management and facilitate collaboration among your team members. Your whole remote team can track the progress of the project.

Some other useful features of a project management app are as follows:

  • Sorting out your tasks in a table view.
  • Assign tasks to specific employees to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Use filters to speed up your research across projects.

Communication and Collaboration Apps

When you work from home, there needs to be effective communication between the employees to ensure that a project is completed on time. You can use an app like Pumble that allows you to connect with team members, employees, and clients in real-time.

Chat with teammates on voice or video calls and even share your screen if necessary. Moreover, such apps also allow you to mention a certain person in group chats to get their attention in case of urgency.

Virtual Meetings Apps

In most business settings, meetings are a daily part of the work routine so you would need an app to conduct virtual meetings at home. Zoom is a famous app that allows audio and video conferences and lets you hold online meetings and training.

Below are some great features of the zoom app:

  • During the call, you can send audio, text, and image files.
  • Conduct interactive video webinars for up to 100 active participants.
  • Zoom is available on multiple devices like Chrome, Firefox, Android, Windows, and macOS.

Document Management Software

Work efficiently with your documents by using a document management tool like Sodapdf. You can easily convert files and change the format to PDF, HTML, MS office, and EPUB. Generate PDFs from other formats and also add comments, add markups, and make changes.

Some document management apps also allow you to integrate documents with cloud services. For a lot of businesses, it is essential to transmit documents to customers in a secure and dependable way. The appropriate document management system can offer specialized features for this purpose, saving the document in a secure place, making sure that it is shared for only a limited duration, and increasing clarity by logging who accessed which documents and when.

Final Words

There is no indication that remote work will disappear anytime soon, so it is essential to either alter the existing working setting to accommodate it or be ready to make the changes that will be necessary in the future as the prevalence of remote work is likely to continue to rise.

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